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As most of you could tell by the crickets on my site………………I took the past year off (2 months to go) in order to be a full-time stay-at-home-mom. I wanted to be present every second before my Ausha heads off to Kindergarten this Fall. WELL, in my time off I may have had a tiny case of photography deprivation. So in order to satisfy that, I snuck shots of my closest friends as well as finishing up a few sessions I had scheduled before I decided I was taking time off.

Here are  few of my favorites……..


  • nancy - how my eyeballs have missed your work. you are such an artist my friend. you truly know how to capture such beautiful and natural moments. so happy to see your work here!!! hope you give us more now and then because you are simply too talented not to have that little black box in front of your creative eye! hugs from conroe!!

  • johanna - thank you for the amazing comment Nancy!! 🙂

  • - Ι quite like reading through a post that can mke people think.
    Also, mаny thanks for alllwing me to comment!

I can’t put into words how happy we all are to have this little human here with us. It has been a long, emotional, 2 1/2 year wait for this girl. Taking her newborn photos felt surreal. There were happy tears & laughter. My niece is perfection and I love her so much.

evienewborn40 evienewborn41-bw evienewborn51 evienewborn12-bw evienewborn8-bw evienewborn22 evienewborn15-bw2 evienewborn16-bw evienewborn18-bw evienewborn57

evienewborn62-bw evienewborn25 hmp_0845-bw2 evienewborn4-bw evienewborn6-bw evienewborn38-bw hmp_1137 evienewborn81 evieafter

  • cassie cardillio - she is beautiful! congrats to the family on the new blessing!!!!!!!!!

  • johanna - thank you cassie

  • Laura - That top left photo is stunning. Congratulations on this babe’s arrival!

  • Mo - Love, love, love

  • Nancy Wyatt - Love.Love.Love these!! I can’t believe I am just seeing these! Oh wait, you had stopped blogging for like ever and so I got tired of checking like for ever, ha! So glad to see your beautiful work here again and your gorgeous niece!!! Hugs from Conroe, TX

  • Laura Marcussen - Well done, Auntie! You’ve captured that newborn “newness” perfectly. I need a new baba to cuddle.

  • Stephenie Jordan - Lots of familiar faces and beautiful pictures!!! Just had to say, I adore the picture of Jessica and her daughter. The tears are priceless.

  • johanna - thanks so much Steph! 🙂

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Welcome to my final baby’s daily photo project.

See Mia’s project here. See Ausha’s project here.

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11-1-web 10-31-web 10-30-bw-web 10-29-web 10-28-bw-web 10-27-bw-web 10-26-web 10-25-web 10-24-web

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10-16-web 10-15-web

10-14-web 10-13-bw-web 10-12-web

10-11-web 10-10-bw-web 10-9-bw-web 10-8-web 10-6-web

10-5-web 10-4-bw-web 10-3-web 10-2-bw-web 10-1-web 9-30-web

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9-21-web 9-20-web
9-19-web 9-18-web


9-16-bw-web 9-15-web 9-14-web 9-13-web

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september12-web september10-bw-web



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7.28.web 7.27.web 7.26.web 7.24.web 7.22.web

  • Nancy Wyatt - Yay!! So glad you are doing his too!! Love these!! Hugs from Conroe TX

  • Pat - Love the pics

  • Cindy Gower - He is adorable!!!

  • Nancy Wyatt - These are so awesome Jo!!! So many great captures and he is so stinkin adorable!!! If I was around him I would be trying to kiss that sweet dimple all the time!! Hugs from Conroe, TX

We’ve been talking about going on a West Texas trip for a while and finally decided to just do it. It was amazing. I can’t believe it was my first time seeing Texas mountains. The hills here in the hill country are beautiful, but nothing beats the mountains.

It started out with a 6 hour drive to Fort Davis, which went smoothly without stops (shocking). We camped in tents for the first two days (pack-in-play included). The days were hot but the nights were cool, which made sleeping comfortable. And only ONE bug crawled on my face while sleeping in the tent. Then we headed to the Indian Lodge just up the mountain for the next 2 days. I was obsessed with the simplicity of it. I’m a sucker for white stucco & cactus. While staying there we made short trips around the area. We swam at San Solomon Springs in Balmorhea. It was ice cold & filled with fish. Then we made a day trip to Marfa. “Worst word to roll off your tongue; best place far from the B.S.” I see why so many people love it there. We found an awesome bar called Capri. It had hammocks for the girls, stumps and wood for Hunt to play with and good drinks for us grownups. The trip ended with a stop at Devil’s River. We stayed in the barrocks and had to walked a mile with a lot of gear in order to get to the river. It was worth it though. We were the only ones there minus 2 older guys whom we rarely saw. It reminded me a lot of New Braunfels but more remote & private. We were the first ones to stay there with kids, so the ranger was excited. I guess no other parents have wanted to brave the treacherous hike to get to the river. Our girls are pretty tough though so it wasn’t bad.

Hunt made the campsite feel like home right away with his truck collection.


Then soon forgot all about his trucks and moved on to nature collections.

JULY2016652 JULY20166111 JULY20166169

We all made sure to keep our sanity with plenty of exercise.

JULY20166106 JULY20166108

The only shots of me in them are blurry of course 🙁 (life of a photographer).

JULY2016670 JULY2016667 JULY2016662 JULY20166158 JULY2016654

Hunt’s first smore.

His smore faces CRACKED.US.UP!

JULY20166162 JULY20166161

We drove up to the top of the mountain every night at sunset.

JULY2016674 JULY2016672 7.27 JULY2016678 JULY2016679
JULY2016682 JULY2016676 JULY2016685 JULY2016687 JULY2016697

As they were looking down at the Indian Lodge, Matt asked Hunt what he thought they were doing down there and Hunt said “Choppin wood”. This is Matt laughing about it. 🙂 This kid cracks us up.

JULY20166102 JULY20166115

San Solomon Springs in Balmorhea.

JULY20166120 7.29

Mimi wasn’t gettin’ in the water!


Here’s why.


She compromised with a tube float.

JULY20166126 JULY20166128

Watching Daddy jump.

JULY20166133 JULY20166136 JULY20166157

Indian Lodge, Ft. Davis.

JULY2016683 JULY20166171 JULY20166172 JULY20166174 JULY20166177 JULY20166189 JULY20166187 JULY20166182 JULY20166184

My only forced shot. 🙂 The girls standing over their ages.

JULY20166192 JULY20166197

1 2

 Wish I could have shot this photo below before the “Spaces & Places” deadline on Minted. 🙁 I’ll have to enter it next year. JULY20166214

The girls with the Ranger after he gave them their badges for completing the nature booklet.

JULY20166217 JULY20166218 JULY20166221 JULY20166222 JULY20166223 JULY20166230 JULY20166227 JULY20166232 JULY20166234


  • Nancy Wyatt - seriously. really. i mean.come.on.woman. you kill me with your awesomeness!!! And for the life of me I could not get one good sunset shot so i need help!!! yours are amazing!!! please let’s go back together and help me be as awesome as YOU.

    your family trip looked amazing and your kids are so blessed! hugs from conroe, tx

  • Anna - Love it! So much fun!

  • Heather - LOVE!!! Now I want to go. You should get commission for posting these pics, and giving credit on locations 😉

  • Laura - So nice to see your amazing photography again. Love too many photos to call each one out. Looks like an incredible family adventure!

  • johanna - Thanks so much Laura. I’m happy you still follow along.