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  • From Mrs. to Mom - Happy Birthday Ausha!!

  • Nancy W - Love this. Yay, you will be down the road from me :) Merry Christmas!!

  • Amber Hill - You have beautiful girls, Johanna. Love these shots! My youngest turns 2 on the 9th. The last time you took our family pics I had just found out I was pregnant with her. Time flies. Happy New Year!

  • Amy Carter - She is precious! and I love your Christmas pancakes. :) Happy Holidays!

  • NancyW - Loving them ! She is such a beauty! Love the reading nook too!

  • Nicole - Hi there! I love your blog and photos. It really makes me look forward to being a mom. Thanks for sharing! Your girls are so precious.

  • Nancy Wyatt - Dang she is such a beauty!! And the “I see you” shot made me crack up! I need to bring you a second pair of glasses next month!!

  • NancyW - oh my gosh, those eyes!! Smudged Kitty eyes, precious! Hugs from Conroe, TX

  • lauren - love these.
    i wanna see pics of your new houssseee :)

  • Tara - Am I reading too much into Ausha’s newest picture? Is SHE going to be a big sister now too?!??!

  • Nancy W - Oh my goodness! I love her with that A and that baby photo, so sweet!! I hope you took that A home! Hugs from Conroe

  • NancyW - I am back, am loving her photos! Especially love the morning sun and watching Dora. I hate picking out favorites because really they are all so cute!! So glad to follow along! Hugs from Conroe, TX

  • NancyW - Stop it!! That Aushographer is adorable!!

  • johanna - Thanks Nancy!

  • johanna - will you come help me decorate it first? lol.

  • Gracie - You are really giving me the itch to do this for Ivana when she turns two!!!(since its the most fun age)and she might be the only one that cares LOL!

  • johanna - You might want to do 1 photo a week. 1 a day is pretty tough.

  • Kaiti - What is your primary lens for the ‘Daily Ausha’ photos?

  • Nancy W - Oh My goodness! The “I’m bored” made me giggle. I so love your take on her!! And as I scrolled down to comment the one of her “I see You” also made me giggle. Hugs from Conroe, TX xoxo

  • NancyW - Yay!!! I know a little girl would have been a blessing too but I’m so excited for y’all to add a boy.

  • johanna - Kaiti, I use my 50mm 1.4 a lot but sometimes use my 85mm 1.4

  • NancyW - Sweet Sister- They have the cutest legs. Hugs from Conroe, TX

  • Kim - Mia’s daily pictures were adorable and now I found Ausha’s and my heart melts again. Such great pictures and yay for baby brother!!

  • NancyW - Oh my gosh!! What a great popcorn in air capture!! They are adorable!! I love seeing them together in so many of Ausha’s dailies. It means that they truly are in that sister play time together phase. Makes my heart happy. Hugs from Conroe, TX

  • NancyW - So many great pics! Looks like y’all are having fun. Hugs from Conroe, TX

  • Nancy Wyatt - OhMGeeeeee. I love that sassy girl!! She looks adorable in that Embrace Messy Hair Tshirt! Can’t you just pop out one more kiddo and let me have Ausha. hehe. Or while she is having her terrible two’s. hehe. Hugs from Conroe, TX

  • johanna - she’s all yours Nancy. Just send her back when she turns 4.

  • Brooke Lowden - Mid Morning Swing…Is SO creative!!! I love it…might be my fav!

  • Nancy Wyatt - What a cutie and she seems to be her own person for sure! Love how your girls each have their own personalities. Those are adorable photos for her not wanting her photo taken. Good job mommy!! Hugs from Conroe, TX

  • johanna - Thanks Brooke! I actually snapped that one with my iphone. :) Shhh! That’s why its a tad out of focus.

  • johanna - Thanks Nancy

  • Nancy Wyatt - 4/1/14 Grocery Shopping: What a good little shopper she is! Might need to hire her, does she do dishes too? Giggle. Hugs from Conroe, TX

  • Brandy - Awoken is a gorgeous picture! Did you edit it or is that straight out of the camera!?

  • Nancy Wyatt - what sweet photos. sorry she was sick, hope she is all better that cutie patootie! I love Awoken, she is stunning your little terrible two’s girl. Hugs from Conroe, TX

  • johanna - thanks brandy. it is sooc + a 20% of one of my photoshop actions.

  • Haley B. - Bluebonnet Picking… gorgeous!!!

  • Linda - These are beautiful photos. I love the variety.

  • NancyW - oh my gosh, you got some really great shots! Love the Bluebonnet Picking and others too. So many great life as it happens shots. Love!!

  • johanna - “life as it happens shots” are the only ones Miss Ausha lets me take Nancy :) lol. My little stinker. I love her.


Hanna Mac Photography is undergoing some changes starting Fall 2014, continuing on throughout 2015. As many of you know, we are expecting a baby boy this July. In order for me to still work while keeping him home with me, my schedule needs some adjusting. I am so excited for this change! Beginning October of […]


  • Nancy Wyatt - How exciting for you to change things up. Look forward to seeing your work include weddings!! Hugs from Conroe, TX


I can’t believe Miss Brynn is here. I went to high school with Brian and Meagan and ended up being an extension of their family sorta kind of. My sister-in-law is their sister-in-law’s sister-in-law. I think that’s right. Does that make sense? lol. Anyways, Meagan has been waiting impatiently to become a mother (as we […]


  • Christy - gorgeous!!

  • Brooke Lowden - BEAUTIFUL!!! That baby, right there, makes me want another baby…I can’t do it! I must stop looking at this post!

  • Gracie - Hi 5! to dad for that amazing shirt!!! gosh what a lovely lifestyle!! love it all! Brooke needs to knock on wood with all the girls getting pregnant lately LOL! (knock on wood my self)

  • Tara - What a beautiful family! Love this session.


Most of the time mothers-to-be contact me late for newborn sessions. Just a friendly reminder – I tend to get booked up 8-9 months out. So for expecting mothers this means the very minute you read a positive result on that pregnancy test, shoot me an email to book your session! (kidding kind of). I wouldn’t […]


  • Nancy Wyatt - What a precious girl she is!! Hugs from Conroe, TX Saw this morning via FB that you were in town this weekend. ;)