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……..I just feel crafty. 🙂

My favorite part is the little deer for daddy 🙂 So cute! I’m so glad to be caught up on editing so I can spend time doing things like this. Maybe Ill make some for the dogs too. Little bone cut outs would be cute.


  • Heather - I am SUPER jealous that you had some free time to make these!!! These are A-Dorable! LOVE them!

  • Allison W - LOVE the fabric choices! These are too cute.

  • ChristenL - These are so great! Care to share resources/pattern or a quick how-to for those of us who are less crafty. 🙂

  • johanna - A “How To”. This might be hard since my crafts are impatiently made with no pattern 🙂

    I actually just free-hand cut everything out with no pattern, but here is another way to do it.


    Felt for the actual stockings and letters
    Fabric for the top part of the stockings
    Hot Glue

    Draw your stockings and other designs you want on some paper then cut them out and pin them to your fabric. Then cut out the fabric around your patterns. For your stocking pieces, make sure to cut out two identical pieces to be sewn together later.

    Before sewing your stockings together, glue or sew your designs on one side of the stocking cut out first. Be sure to leave enough room around the edges to account for sewn edges. I hot glued my designs bc I didnt feel like sewing them. It was much easier too.

    Sew the two stocking pieces together with your design facing down (because your stocking will be turned inside out after sewn). Sew stocking around edges except for the top where the opening will be. Then turn inside out.

    Cut out a long rectangular piece of fabric for the top layer. Fold then sew around all four edges. Pin around the stocking top (on outside) starting at a folded side. Then sew (or glue).

    Last step: become really frustrated because my instructions are not very good.

    Hope that helps!

  • Misty - way too cute I love them!

  • mom - so cute!!!

  • Johanna - learned it from you mother dear!

  • ChristenL - Thanks for the “how-to” 🙂

  • Nancy Wyatt - Very cute!!