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When I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to document it in a cute way. I didn’t want to just do the weekly pictures of the belly growth standing in the same spot wearing the same thing. I wanted to capture everything that goes along with being pregnant too. My main goal though was to create a keepsake that my child would have fun reading when she’s older.

You can purchase a template for this book HERE. Photoshop is NOT NEEDED to use my templates. Included in the template, are photos you can add to your book.

I have provided a link to what gave me inspiration for creating my book. It comes from Ryan Marshall’s documentation of his wife’s pregnancy. You can view it on his blog here: pacingthepanicroom. It’s very creative!

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  • Kathleen - Love them all! I follow your blog and you are so very talented and a great inspiration! Enjoy all the precious moments, even the sleepless ones in the middle of the night! I do have a question … what fonts did you use?

  • Christy - Lovely! So touching and gorgeous photos! Congrats!!

  • paige parkhill - this is so beautiful and such an amazing idea, i absolutely love your photographs and wish that i lived in austin so i could have you photograph me! i hope it’s okay, i posted a link to this beautiful book on my blog so others could appreciate it, i just started blogging. if you’d rather me remove the link just let me know. thanks!!

  • Rachael - I LOVE IT! I live in New Zealand – and am struggling to find a fab place to get little books like this made….do you mind me asking where you got it done – its so beautiful!

  • elise - this is so awesome. congratulations & thank you so much for sharing!

  • Kimberly - This is Adorable! Wow an amazing record of the journey!

  • abbie - What a beautiful keepsake! Love the words. Love the photos. Love the colors. Very sweet!

  • shawna [of styleberryBLOG] - this is absolutely amazing! Found on pinterest & glad to know you are close (I’m down in SA). Beautiful job! & congrats!

  • Jen C - This book is so beautiful – I love everything about it! The part that got me though was how you couldn’t get enough chocolate chip cookies: one per week! Are you kidding me?! I thought surely you omitted the word “case” or something! You have amazing self restraint. Congrats on your beautiful book….and your baby’s cute too! 🙂

  • taranicole - LOVE this! So so so adorable! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Ann - Oh, this book made me cry. I’m happy to see you have a positive experience with your pregnancy and there’s just so much love and joy in every word you said. It reminds me of my own pregnancy though I had a little difficulty.

    Hi Mia Mae! *waves*

  • johanna - Thank you everyone! I’m so happy you all like my book. I hope it has inspired you all to make one for your own kiddos 🙂

  • Jamie Wyckoff | Julia's Poppies Design - This book is so cute! I love all the photos! So creative and well done! 🙂

  • Ashley S. - Love this! Beautiful work. What a wonderful gift for your daughter.

  • love - oh, you are so in trouble with my husband. this is going to make me have our eighth child because i’m so inspired by your book! =) i did this in some ways, but what an awesome compilation this is! congratulations on your mia mae!

  • Isabel Pavia - I’m totally in love with this. What a lovely idea. Congrats on your lovely Mia Mae!!!!

  • chelsea - SUCH a great idea to document your pregnancy!

    love love love!!!!

  • JEssica at Me Sew Crazy - this is so gorgeous! What an incredible memory you and your baby will have for a lifetime. Really touched me 🙂

  • yvonne - the last pic made me tear up..What a precious way to document everything like this!

  • Shawna Griffith - I had to tell you how awesome you are for making this book. Your daughter will truly treasure this! I got goosebumps while reading it and I don’t even know you, lol! So cool!

  • johanna - thank you so much everyone! all your comments are so sweet!

  • Melissa - This is so great!! I’ll be looking for my pregnancy pictures this weekend!!

  • Summer - Saw this on Pinterest and had to come check it out. The book is absolutely adorable. The last page definitely made me cry! Congratulations to your beautiful family!

  • johanna - Thank you Summer!

  • AMANDA - This is just Amazing!!! 🙂

  • jackie - this is rad.

  • Jenny - Absolutely beautiful. What an amazing way to redefine the classic baby book.

  • Kate @Kate As Of Late - Oo! This was gorgeous! Gorgeous Mia will appreciate it more than you know now. She is so lucky to have such a creative and thoughtful momma!

  • Niki Kelly - Just saw this on Pinterest and Im totally crushin on your book. My family made me get this goofy pregnancy book and fill out all these stupid questionnaires and I did it only because I was afraid Id forget everything. But I left a lot of blanks. Blanks – as in this isnt even on my mind and I dont care, because I must be a different kind of mom. When I nested, I didnt buy a crib or wash the baby clothes (whoops) I renovated the kitchen because it HAD to be ready so I could be happy in there and feed my baby well, and share my love of baking. I LOVE that this book is your voice, telling your daughter what YOU thought was important. Hopefully she’ll grow up to be just like you and tell the world what SHE thinks and not just fill in the blanks. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  • Ruby - Oh!

    This was just so beautiful!!!
    (I cried – but in such a happy way – remembering my first little girl…then my two little men who took so long to happen that I thought I would never be blessed with another child – and then had them both so close together that they were both nursing at the same time!)

    What a great way to share your joy with your little girl (after all – she was busy growing and probably didn’t have time to notice all the excitement she was causing!)

    Congratulations on your family.

    I wish you all the joys in the world!

    Be well,

  • johanna - Thank you Ruby!!! Its good to know so many moms can relate to my book. I had so many emotions during my pregnancy that I couldn’t help spilling them out! 🙂 Having a baby is such a blessing. I am pregnant with my second too. I guess its kind of a relief that I couldn’t breast feed longer than a month with Mia, because both of my children would be breast feeding together too! I don’t think I could tackle that. Haha. Go Ruby!

  • johanna - Thanks Niki. It’s hard keeping up with those books, I know. I actually made one of those too with Mia and now I am with the second. I hope Mia will appreciate her book as much as you. Very sweet comment! Thanks again.

  • Ryan Marshall - You know why I love this so much?! Because you took inspiration from something you liked and made it totally yours, and you made it even more personal. It is so great, and I love how involved both you and your husband are in this series. This is a great example of how you can be inspired by something and still be completely original.

    I have still not gotten around to making my series for Cole into a book. We had planned on giving it to her when she is old enough to appreciate it so… we have some time. Ugh, such a procrastinator.

    Anyway. Congrats all around. I really love what you did, and thank you so very much for the link.

  • johanna - No thank YOU Ryan! My book would not be if it weren’t for me stumbling across your series. I’m glad you like it! I haven’t printed mine either. Like you said, there’s no point in doing now. Afterall, Mia can’t even read 🙂

    Thanks for the comment!

  • Cori-Lynn - I love your book! I have been looking everywhere for a press book but I can’t find any for just a regular me! You need to be a photographer to purchase them. Your book is amazing, so cute!

  • Sara Leach - hi! love love love your book! Found it on Pinterest. What programs did you use to make this? Did you use a Mac? A website? I found where i can make a photo album in iphoto, but i like how yours is set up. I’m so glad i saw this!!! I can’t wait to start on mine!!

  • Deidra - I absolutely loved your book. I read it aloud to my husband. We laughed, we cried, we oooed and awwwed. You’re not too far from us. Well, about 3 hours away. haha. We don’t have babies yet but this is such an amazing idea that I might just try and do it for when we have a baby archilla. You make pregnancy sound beautiful and wonderful. I hope I have the same experience when that time comes. Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts and photographs with us.

    Deidra Archilla

  • johanna - Diedra – thank you! I’m glad others are feeling emotional too. I was a wreck through out the whole book!! Pregnancy IS wonderful and amazing. It’s the most incredible experience (aside from being a mom) that there is. I highly recommend it 🙂

  • Arielle - I am due March 22nd and a friend of mine posted this on my fb. I am crying bc it is so beautiful. I would love to do something like this.

  • Jessica Monnich - LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Is there anyway you would want to sell/share the template for this book. We are hoping to get prego soon and I would love to do this for our next kiddo, one week is a lot more doable accomplishment. I got overwhelmed last time and just didn’t do anything other than write in a baby book 🙁

  • Marie - Just found your site….and I LOVE THIS!!! I’m expecting my third and would like to do something a little different this time since it’ll be out last. May I ask what you created this in? AND I love the ‘week’ font.

  • Leah - Love this!! I just discovered your blog and it is absolutely inspirational and lovely to look at. Just precious. : )


  • nesha - what program did you use to make the book? its SO cute!!!

  • Cher Salo - Mia,
    Beautiful job! Brought tears to my eyes!

    I’m expecting my 2nd grandchild! I’m going to share your blog with my daughter, she can put it on her list to do LOL like she has time!

    Thanks again!

  • Katie - Absolutely beautiful! I had my son 8 months ago and this had me in tears. What an amazing way to remember everything about your pregnancy. Thank you for sharing!

  • Jenny - Love your pregnancy books! Who did you print them with? I have been looking at pinhole press and mypublisher, but am so nervous to make a book not knowing the quality.

  • Jessica King - I love love love this! It is such a great idea!

  • Sabrina - I love this idea! Simply beautiful! Would you mind sharing where did you get it printed?

  • Tory - I love this book but I was wondering when you purchase the template what if any pictures does this come with? I know that you can add you own, but it seems for 50 if it doesn’t contain any clipart to add in for some weeks than I wouldn’t want to purchase it.

  • johanna - Hi Tory. It comes with 4 photos. You can purchase more if you would like.

  • Alyse - I love love love your pregnancy journal. I am dedicating a section on my blog to women that embrace pregnancy and I would love to be able to do a little write up on you and link it back to your site. As a doula, I think that this it is important for woman to have positive inspiration.

    If this is ok with you please be in touch.



  • mike - This is pure, unfettered awesomeness. Congratulations you three : D

  • johanna - thanks mike!

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  • Melissa - Oh, this made me cry! Such an amazing idea, defenitely gonna start doing it, I’m 14 weeks, still on time! yay!

  • How To: Create a Pregnancy Series by Houston Family Photographer - […] Bloom Photography – Hanna Mac #1 – Hanna Mac #2 – Ashlee […]

  • Lindsay - Hi, I purchased your template for your maternity book and I would love to see what you did in yours…like what you included in the writing…is it possible to see?

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  • Ketaki - It’s so uncanny. When I read your week 20. I am currently pregnant. Have a chalkboard wall in my baby room design. I myself am a designer/artist like you n the baby’s daddy wants baby to be a soccer player.

  • johanna - oh how neat! we should be friends for sure 🙂

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