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Mama’s Maternity Book / Week 24

This week’s picture took a long time before getting it right. Daddy took them for us. First I noticed he cut my legs out of the frame, then I noticed our neighbor’s house was in the background and in almost every single shot, Miss Mimi was shaking the chalkboard around (which was cute). I had to redraw it a couple times. Here are some cute SOOC (straight out of camera) out-takes.


And then we finally got it right…..

So in the book it went……


  • Christina - Swoon. This is adorable! Love the idea and Mia is gorgeous!

  • Barbara - I love this image, truly adorable. But I do have to say that it will not be like having twins (I had twins), it may very well be worse in some ways, and better in others. At any rate, best wishes for a happy, healthy baby.

  • Johanna - Haha Barbara! You are probably right.

  • Haley - Beautiful work!! Absolutely love it! And no worries, me & my brother are 11 months apart! Somehow my mother survived. 🙂 Growing up, my brother always loved coming in my room the morning of his birthday to remind me we were the same age! Congratulations on your beautiful girls!

  • Jenny Comer - I am a mom of two kiddos 14 months apart (and I thought THAT was close !)and I will say (now that they are almost 3 and almost 2) that the first year is hardest, second year hard, and then you breathe. You will have many sleepless months and double the joy. I wish only patience for you because that is key (I know that you already have love :). The hardest part : that your oldest still only knows the world in b&W, no shades of gray. Only her way or no way. Will not understand “hold on”, will not understand “the baby needs me now”, etc… I read an article recently that said that there is no such thing as “fair” in parenting – only choosing what is necessary for the most needing of the two babies at that time. (Mostly always the youngest)

    Our second (Grace) is the absolute best surprise that I could have ever been given and I know that your blessing-to-be will be the perfect piece to your family’s puzzle !



  • johanna - Haley that is so sweet of your bro to remind you of that! How funny.

    Jenny – Thanks for the advice. I do hope I have enough patience. Let me know if you have any other helpful tips.

  • Keri - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

  • Jessica - This is soooo cute! I love your obsession with chalkboards… coming from the girl who is obsessed with chalkboards!! 🙂 I can’t wait to use them in my maternity shoot. Also, I have 4 brothers, the oldest two are 11 months apart, and the youngest two are 11 months apart… and they are all best friends! Lucky for me, the big sister, I am best friends with all of them! Good luck to you!

  • Johanna - oh lord jessica! your mom must be a patient soul!

  • Barbara Wilhite - I LOVE this picture! I thought it was cute and clicked on the link, but then memories came flooding back. My girls were 11.5 months apart. I had so much fun with them. Thanks for sharing! Barbara

  • Kim H. - My kids are 6 months apart… and I WISH I would have thought of this. So cute!

    I can also say it’s VERY different than twins. They will be on opposites with developmental things… so it’ll be interesting. But think of it as a really fun circus!

  • Michele - I was two months pregnant when we found out we would be adopting a little girl. Much to our amazement we were being blessed with another girl, two little girls, ah me. 7 1/2 months apart and great friends. Sure they get after each other and things can get a little hairy once in awhile, but they still run towards each other screaming the others name when they’ve been away for an hour+.

    People would constantly ask if I was nervous, scared, afraid, how was I going to do it with them so close in age? I always answered the same, “I don’t know, I just will, no way around it really.” Things have a way of working out.

  • johanna - Michele that is so awesome for your family! Congrats.

  • Darcie - My kids are 11 months apart. Not as hard as I thought it would be, I actually LOVE it a lot more then I imagined. They love each other. My daughter will be 2 and he will be 1 soon. Have fun!

  • johanna - Good to know! I hope I think the same. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  • carina@a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut - I just found this post through pinterest and I have to say, this is the cutest!

    Also, I had two within 5 months (naturally and through adoption) and it has been crazy, and hard and super awesome all at the same time. You can do it – it will all just come together soon enough and you will love it 🙂

  • Cynthia - Adorable pictures! I love the chalkboard idea! My brother and I are a year apart and I have no clue how my mother did it, having just had my first 3 months ago and having my hands full. My brother and I had lots of fun when we were little and lots of fights when we were a little older , but there was never a dull moment and we are closer than he will ever admit. He was born the day before my first birthday and loved that we were the same age for a day every year and never failed to remind me. It may be crazy for you, but they will be best friends.

  • Sarah - Just found this through pinterest too and was so intrigued by the picture I had to come look! 🙂 My sister and I are 11 months & 3 days apart (with 3 older siblings!)…Now having a 13 month of my own, I can’t imagine how my mom did it all! BUT having a sister SO close in age is a wonderful thing. We were inseparable growing up and although we live thousands of miles apart now, she is my best friend. I love the time between feb. 24th & march 21st that we’re the same age, this year we’ll get to share 30 for those few days 🙂 Best of luck to you!

  • Clara - I to found this through pinterest and I LOVE the idea behind the picture.

    My oldest 2 girls are exactly 12 months apart and my youngest is 2 yrs younger than my middle. Let me just say this about 12 months apart lol. It was crazy. It was crazy fun and crazy hard at times. Believe me if I can do it ANYONE can do it! You’ll be amazing! It’s truly an amazing adventure.

    My only word of advice is not to “plan” to much as most times the plans go astray and it then one can feel like a failure. Just go with the flow. AND MOST OF ALL Enjoy life. Enjoy your little ones. This is an amazing time. It’s wonderful. I feel so blessed to have my girls so close. They are the best of friends.

    Congrats on a beautiful family!

  • johanna - Clara, that is some good advice! It will be very hard for us though because we are both big planners. I need to start mentally preparing for that I guess.

    Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  • Melissa - Saw this on pinterest and had to take a look. My sister and I are just over 9.5 months apart. True what you said–we are best friends and have always been there for each other. Mom says it would have been easier with twins. Others always get a kick when we say we are not twins yet we are the same age August through October. Love the photo; good luck with them. 🙂

  • johanna - Wow you two are REALLY close together. One of you must have arrived really early! It’s so good to know that yall were close. I’m hoping my girls will be too. Thanks for the comment.

  • Krysta - Love the pic. Such a great idea. I was talking to a girl the other day who said she was an Irish Twin. I didnt have a clue what that meant so I asked. She said it is when you are born with in a year of a sibling. So that is what you will have. Irish Twins! Congrats

  • Lola - Me encanta!!

  • Heidi - I love this picture! I am currently 2 weeks away from delivering my second little boy with my first being only 13 months old. The above comments have been so calming to read seeing that my little surprise pregnancy still occasionally has me shaken. Thanks for sharing and best of luck with the two kiddos!

  • johanna - Thanks. Congrats Heidi! Good luck with your delivery.

  • Nicole - My little girls are 13 months and 6 days apart. Right now they are 3 & 2. Watching them grow up together is truely amazing. I wouldn’t change a thing about it. (well maybe have them closer together) They are each others best friends. They have to do everything together. There are times that things are a little struggle but, for the most part God has given me these two precious gifts and the strength to raise them.

  • johanna - Oh I can’t wait to see my girls at that age! Yes, its a bit of a struggle but later it will be easy. Thanks for the comment.

  • Tara - Oh gosh, well done, and I thought having my 2, 18 months apart was close!! It will be a challenge but I’m sure you will pull through 🙂 Luckily for me, hubby is a twin, so his parents have experience with 2 the same age, so 2 close in age should be a breeze, but different for me as there’s 6 1/2 years between me and my only brother!

  • johanna - Haha I am pulling through for sure! It isn’t as hard as I thought. I’m loving it.

  • Krissy - Well I can’t speak for my mother (she was 19 & pregnant with her first-my sister-then 6wks after giving birth conceived me :))but I can tell you I share love & closeness with my sister that I share with no one else. We are vastly different in many ways and alike in others. We were inseparable as little girls-my sister taking me under her wing and ‘teaching’ me what she knew; as teens we did not get along well, and had very different social groups; but as adults we have a bond that is indescribable-I love that I can call her anytime and say “did you see…” and she will interrupt and say “yes, and can you believe…” and it’s like we are in the same room all the time. We don’t always agree, or see eye to eye, but we ‘get’ each other. I love her with all my heart, and I pray that your daughters will experience the same wonderful bonding and blessing of sisterhood( and enjoy telling people every year they are the same age but not twins and watching them try to figure that out,lol).

  • johanna - Thank you so much for that comment Krissy! I cannot wait to see the bond my girls will share. I hope it is like you and your sister 🙂

  • faythe eloise - my little boys are 10 months and 3 weeks apart and I wouldn’t change it for the world!!! I’m planning on having two more and doing the same thing. Now that they are toddlers and potty training together its amazing. They are best buds and keep eachother busy. YES YES it was CRAZY!!! when the second was first born and breastfeeding two babies but the three of us are so close

    Good luck

    ps. moby wrap was my savior during the newborn stage with my second, could be hands free and cuddle my first born lots too

  • johanna - WOW! yours are closer than mine! Im glad you are still alive. 🙂 ausha is about to crawl, so it will be getting VERY busy around here soon. Potty training buddies would be great!

  • Paula - Hi, I loved de edition. Can you tell how did yo do?
    LR O Photoshop? Any actions o presents? I from Chile