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Mama’s Maternity Book / WEEK 38

The idea for this picture comes from the picture I took for Mia’s book A LONG TIME AGO. 😉

See “WEEK 37” here.

  • Alinta - Aggh the waiting is horrible! After two that came early, my last little girl made me wait an extra 9 days past my due date, despite the fact that I was 4 cms from 38 weeks and all ready to go!!! I hope it happens quicker that that for you! Gorgeous picture!

  • johanna - Wow I can’t believe your last baby took the longest! Usually the more babies you have, the quicker they arrive. I think I’ll be stuck at 4cm for as long as you were!

  • Amanda Keeys - Won’t be long now! I always found those last 3 – 4 weeks to be the most draining (and nerve wracking with my first babies) wondering whether every little twinge was “it”.

  • Nancy Wyatt - Can’t wait to meet Addison, Adele, Addie? Hmmmmmm. hehe. This was a sweet page to read! My friend had her little Zoe yesterday morning. She is so beautiful! Made me think of you and your soon to be little one. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday! Hugs from Conroe, TX!