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Ausha’s Baby Book

I decided to do something a little more graphic for A’s book design vs using the chalkboard wall like I did in Mia’s book. Each page design looks a little different than the next. I’ve pre-designed a few of them already. Now I’m just waiting to fill in the text and add pictures. Obviously you see that I’m waiting on text for month 1 🙂 I’m going to take a picture of Ausha in the same spot every month so I can really see how much she changes. I saw it done on one of my client’s blogs. I loved seeing how her daughter jumped from being a brunette to a blonde within one month! Thanks for the inspiration Christy.

On another note….

Someone commented on this post I did and said that I would probably look back on it and laugh one day. Well…..I’m already laughing. Taking care of Irish Twins has been a breeze so far. Ausha is THE best baby ever. Seriously. If there were a contest for easiest baby to care for in the world she would win. She never cries and is already sleeping through the night at one month old. And Mia doesn’t even try to mess with her. She only wants to kiss her when she sees her. It’s amazing.

The pictures of Ausha in the chair priginate from the picture and the one from this post that I took of Mia like this A LONG TIME AGO.


  • Life with Kaishon - How absolutely perfect : ) Congratulations on your bundle.

  • Misty - That is awesome that Ausha is such a great baby! Was Mia that good? My son only started sleeping all night after he turned one. Good for you and your family that your ‘irish twins’ are so easy. Can you say jealous? Just kidding.

  • johanna - mia was good but not THIS good! 🙂

  • johanna - thank you!

  • Misty - You always have the cutest ideas!!

  • Kim - I love these book! Do you mind if i ask where you found the book part. The colors of the covers are just brilliant! You are so talented!

  • Jana - Do you offer this template as well? It is so beautiful, thanks!

  • johanna - Not yet but soon!!!

  • Jana - Great, I can’t wait to get this and start working on it! Thank you.

  • Sarah - Love your photos!! Just curious where you get your albums printed.

  • Kristin - Love this! Where did you get your book?

  • Sarah - Do you have a templet available yet? I just love this idea and have been taking pictures and writing about each month we are at 5 months now. Who did you go through to make the book?

  • johanna - Yes Sara. Please go to “templates” in the link above.