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Just an Ordinary Day

Oh how Friday nights have changed.

The only thing I ask is that you disregard my mangey mane. lol. I would say it normally does not look like that, but why lie? At least it doesn’t have spaghetti in it this time. 😉 Must-get-to-the-salon!

  • Kellie - This video is so beautiful! I am on a mission to take more family video this summer with my Canon 7d. Can I ask what camera and lens you used for this gorgeous keepsake? Did you edit in IMovie? Thanks for any information you’d like to share! I love your work 🙂
    – Kellie

  • johanna - Thank you Kellie. I used my D90 with my 85mm 1.4 lens. Edited in iMovie.

  • Liz - I LOVE looking at pictures of your beautiful girls, but I especially love the videos you make! One of my favorite parts are the adorable songs that you use. I looked up this one to see that it was by Emilie Mover, but I can’t always find the songs you use (like the “you gotta crawl before you walk” one. I was wondering who are these wonderful singers you get such great songs from??

  • johanna - Thank you Liz. Yes, this song is by Emile Mover and “You Gotta Crawl” is by Edie Sedgwick & A.K.. THe album is called “Songs for Isadora”.

    It is really hard to think of a good song for videos, so what I normally do is make my video fit the song. For instance, when I hear a song on t.v. that I think would be good for a video, I write it down on my “Video Song List” and then think of what kind of video would fit the song well.

  • Lena - just love all your videos! you should do a tutorial! what version of iMovie do you have (is it the latest version from iLife ’11)?

  • Chris (wonderchris) - “Now walk”….lol!!

    What a great video. Looks like such a perfect Friday night…a whole lotta love and good times had by all!!

  • johanna - Thanks. That’s a good idea! Maybe I will. I only have imovie ’09. BOO!

  • Lesley - I’m inspired. I just came across your blog via pinterest, and I think I’ll start working on a short little video of my little guy tonight! 🙂

  • johanna - Oh that is great Lesley! I’d love to see it when it is done.