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“Don’t” Say Cheese

During my children sessions I never tell the child to smile because it normally ends up looking fake. Instead I just act silly in order to get a natural smile that isn’t forced. Well….today I thought I would just try saying “smile” to Mia just to see what she would do. I mainly wanted to see if she understood what the word “smile” meant.

Well……as you can see, she doesn’t have a clue. Or if she does and this is her “fake smile”, then her year book pictures are going to be interesting to say the least.

P.S. Go me for accidentally getting her eyes in focus on 1.4 aperture while holding the camera backwards!

  • Andee- Match the Pictures - Awesome backwards in focus shot! That is awesome. I hate when I’m photographing kids and the parents tell them to say cheese, smile or similar. They always make the worst faces. So my come back for those sessions are I ask the kids to sing a song. This keeps the whole family focused on the same thing and I usually get good shots that way.

  • johanna - Great idea Andee! I might have to try the singing technique. Thanks for sharing

  • Anouk - That’s very funny. I had kind of the same thing, I worked at a after school daycare in the Netherlands. I said to a child ‘laugh’ and they made the sound you hear when you laugh. That was so funny that I burst out laughing and therefore the child. The photos we had made were not the best but fun that we had had! 🙂

  • BreAnn - My two year-old niece’s new thing when I ask her to smile is to actually say the word, “smile,” with a completely straight face. Not exactly what I’m looking for!