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Halloween in 45 Minutes

Trick or treating didn’t last long for us, but it was fun. It was Mia’s first attempt at actual trick or treating. My little storm cloud was a pro. She even welcomed herself into our neighbor’s home and everything and she only rained a few drops. And just to be clear….I don’t have an actual black eye. My costume was a black-eyed pea.

  • Christy - This is too cute! And funny! 🙂

  • Nancy - Love this and I love the little bits of rain now and then, ha!

  • Blair Hiett - precious! Hey, i was a black eyed pea 2 years ago……

  • Aunt Jay - First Halloween success 🙂

  • Leanne - Fabulous!!!!! I’ve been without power for two weeks due to Hurricane Sandy, so catching up on your blog. Not only were the costumes adorable (on all) I love the way you did this video. Inspiring and so fun.

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