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Erik & Misha + 1

These two are back, but this time with a belly! I really loved how their session turned out. Especially the indoor ones. They are a nice change from what I normally do. The very last picture was a request from Misha. It is something I’ve never tried before. It involved 3 fans, lots of goose bumps & a lot of help. Thanks again Erik for throwing the sheet up in the air 94 times! 🙂

  • Courtney - Oh stop it!! Your pictures never cease to amaze me. That last one is pure artistry. So incredibly jealous of your amazing talent!

  • Mrs. Mom - Holey smokes! That last pic is great!

  • Nancy - Amazing! Gorgeous couple, how could we not remembered them. And wow, she looks amazing! The last photo is incredible!!

  • Blair - Wow! Those are gorgeous! The last one is AMAZING!

  • johanna - thanks friend!

  • Robert Austin Fitch Photography NJ - What a fantastic group of maternity photographs…so creative, beautiful and full of warm emotion! Beautiful work! Cheers, Rob

  • Camila - This last picture is absolutely breath taking!