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Hunt’s Nursery

I went back and forth, back and forth on whether to do a bold & colorful eclectic style or a soft and simple style. I ended up with soft & simple because I had most everything already to go that route. It was easier and I love easy these days! The rug, rocking horse, baskets, chair & crib {Mia’s old pink one with a new coat of paint} were all lying around the house.┬áThe only things I bought were the dresser, deer print, crib sheet & pillow. The deer print was bought first then I matched everything around it. I just love it. It’s all things Daddy // hunting & soccer. The mobile is DIY and the awesome Hays County sign is DIY by my brother and his wife. They hadn’t even seen the nursery before making it. Crazy it matched everything perfectly

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  • MeganPeppers - Love it!!!

  • Nancy Wyatt - OH.MY.WORD. This is the cutest boys room ever! Gosh it is all perfect and so you!! Can’t wait to meet your Hays!! And how neat about the name and hey, did you tell me about the Andrew part before. Now we will both have Andrews in our homes and hopefully your Andrew isn’t a pouter like mine is. HA! Hugs from Conroe, TX

  • Courtney - LOOOVE this! I have five kids and never have been on top of it enough to do a nursery before they were born. My newest is 9 weeks and I’m just now starting to pull ideas together. And love the name! We have a leftover girl name from 5 that I adore, but if we had another boy we’d be in trouble, we are plum out of boy names. My husband might win with Bocephus. Gah!

  • From Mrs. To Mom - Love it! Love it all!

  • Sarah - Absolutely beautiful! Where did you get that cute tissue box? Is that what the little house is on the table? It’s so cute

  • johanna - Urban Outfitters