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Paul + Luana // San Saba Wedding Photographer

These two were married at a charming place called Soap’s Place in San Saba, Texas. Everything turned out nicely. I’ve never met such an easy going, beautiful couple. I know the bride’s name is Luana, but she could easily go by the name Jennifer Lopez or Catherine-Zeta Jones. 🙂 Can you see it? She is stunning. Congrats again Luana & Paul. Thank you for choosing me to document your special day. And thanks to Regina Collier for being an excellent second shooter. She grabbed some shots of the guys getting ready for me & thankfully was able to get my husband’s truck pulled out of the ditch and make it back to the wedding before it started. HAHA! And thanks to Daniel Grove for the great OCF tips.

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  • Regina Collier - It was a beautiful wedding! Thank you so much for allowing me to help you on that awesome day! The photos turned out lovely.

  • Nancy Wyatt - Ohmygosh. What beautiful moments you captured!! Way to go Jo!!

  • Gracie - OMG!!!!!! that little boy looking at those girls and the one killing ants!!!! you did an amazing job! those photos are amazing!

  • johanna - thank you!