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2015 Recap // Favorite Photos

HarperNewborn-15 BrooksFamily2014-65 RiosWedding-93 BrooksFamily2014-32 Hanna Mac Photography BrooksFamily2014-24 BrooksFamily2014-23 Barnes-13.web ChapmanBW2015-20 Devonshire2015-18 RiosWedding-7 Devonshire2015-26 Dreibelbis-2 Dreibelbis-8 floyd18 FRANCO2015-13 HarperNewborn1 (3) hardin.december.2014-32 hardin.december.2014-60 5stars-16 Hanna Mac Photography Hanna Mac Photography Hanna Mac Photography Hauger-43 HarperNewborn9 (10) HarperNewborn7 (1) HarperNewborn-19 HarperNewborn-2 murphy-6.web Rankin2014-0-(1).web Orosco2015-28.web RiosWedding-208 LoveLR-97..web LoveLR-8.wbe Dreibelbis-124.web Dreibelbis-52.web RiosWedding-85 AziosWedding-81.web Morris-189 RiosWedding-240 WENZEL (9) Wenger2015-73 Rosas-23 Hanna Mac Photography Wenger2014-271 Wenger2014-270 Wenger2014-259 Wenger2014-125 Wenger2014-64 wed8 wed6 wed4 SwingMini2015-71 RiosWedding-59 SwingMini2015-44 RiosWedding-11 Rosas-46 SwingMini2015-41 SwingMini2015-121 BROWN2015-48 CAIN (9)

  • Deb - WOW. JUST WOW. You never cease to amaze me, Johanna. I had all the feels going through this post. Your talent is truly amazing. I laughed, I cried – I was all over the board. Love, love, love you, your family and your work.

  • Nancy Wyatt - I love it!! So many you have been holding out on!!! Thanks for sharing!! You always amaze me!! Hugs from Conroe, TX

  • Luana - Hannah, thank you very much for taking pictures of our wedding in San Saba! We are so glad you were able to capture several special moments of our special day! You are certainly very talented! Merry Christmas and Happy 2016!