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Playing ketchup. Somehow my last post with some of these photos was deleted so I’m reposting.

I’ll kick it off with the best news of all. I’m going to be an aunt again. My SIL and BIL are having a baby. I snapped these two shots for their announcement picture while we were in Colorado. Can’t decided which I like better. They are similar but I love the sun flare in the bottom one. Baby is due in October. Just in time bc Hunt is no longer a baby and I need my fix!!!!! 🙂

announcement1.web babyabker

This lady turned FIVE! 🙁 not a baby anymore and its so sad.


I am THE luckiest mama ever bc my girls love Hunt so much and are so patient with him.

The dude is in to everything!

HMP_0396 FEB1677 MARCH201615

I kept my niece and nephew for 4 days recently and it was too much fun. Love them so much. Especially bc they let me paint their face.

MARCH20165 FEB1680 HMP_0446 January2016-102

Still eating that chalk.

january2016181 january2016169 january2016159 january2016145 january2016100

On Tues & Thurs Aush is home with me so during Hunt’s nap time we get crafty.


The excellent handwriting of my 4 year old & some tractor obsessed dudes. january201690 FEB165

Did you know I have a second job as a face painter? 😉 lol.

january201688 january201675

From our trip to Chester. DEEP east Texas.

january201673 january201668 january201660 january201656 january201654 january201627 january201616 january20168 january20164 January2016-103 HMP_2301

We found a big patch of bluebonnets in our field so the girls are in heaven!

HMP_1625 HMP_1594 HMP_2409 FEB1694 FEB1682 FEB1660


In Feb. we went to Crested Butte. It was the girls’ first time to ski. Mia was a pro and of course Ausha could have cared less. She just wanted to color. FEB1643 FEB1615 FEB164

Me and my green thumb. 😉


Hunt and his boy stuff.


Lately the kids have been excellent t.v. watchers while I cook dinner. Even H will sit with the girls. IT.IS.THE.BEST.



The girls started dance and I pulled them quickly. They hated it. We all hated it. Plus their teacher was mean. Back to soccer we went. We are all much happier now.

April1635 April168 April167 April164

We rip out a lot of the stone flower bed liners and added a concrete wall. The backyard is a mess so we are all stuck inside until the grass grows back.

MARCH201636 MARCH201625


  • Nancy Wyatt - Love these! I can’t get over how big they are all getting, can you slow it down already!! Precious, all of you!! Hugs from Conroe, TX

  • Laura - Yay, new photos! I miss your posts … I miss your photos. You’re the BEST mama photographer in all the land.