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As most of you could tell by the crickets on my site………………I took the past year off (2 months to go) in order to be a full-time stay-at-home-mom. I wanted to be present every second before my Ausha heads off to Kindergarten this Fall. WELL, in my time off I may have had a tiny¬†case of photography deprivation. So in order to satisfy that, I snuck shots of my closest friends as well as finishing up a few sessions I had scheduled before I decided I was taking time off.

Here are ¬†few of my favorites……..


I can’t put into words how happy we all are to have this little human here with us. It has been a long, emotional, 2 1/2 year wait for this girl. Taking her newborn photos felt surreal. There were happy tears & laughter. My niece is perfection and I love her so much.

evienewborn40 evienewborn41-bw evienewborn51 evienewborn12-bw evienewborn8-bw evienewborn22 evienewborn15-bw2 evienewborn16-bw evienewborn18-bw evienewborn57

evienewborn62-bw evienewborn25 hmp_0845-bw2 evienewborn4-bw evienewborn6-bw evienewborn38-bw hmp_1137 evienewborn81 evieafter

My newest sets of actions have launched! I have two sets – the Basics Set ¬†& the B&W set. Both are designed to work easy and quickly. I always feel frustrated with¬†actions that have¬†too many layers to adjust. That is why I created these. I want my customers¬†to be able to quickly adjust things so they can spend more time doing other things they love doing. A couple clicks and you are done — beautiful photos.

Check out the new site here……

I announced the launch over on my Instagram yesterday and the first 3 customers received their set for 25% OFF. I will be doing contests every now and then for the chance to win a free set. Be sure to follow my Instagram account for the contests.


Welcome to my final baby’s daily photo project.

See Mia’s project here. See Ausha’s project here.

12-31-bw-web 12-30-web 12-29-web 12-28-web
12-27-web 12-26-web

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12-6-bw-web 12-5-web 12-4-web 12-3-web


hmp_4160-web 11-28-bw-web 11-27-web 11-26-bw-web 11-25-bw-web 11-24-web 11-23-web 11-22-web 11-21-web 11-20-web 11-19-web 11-18-web 11-17-web 11-16-web 11-15-web 11-14-web 11-13-2-web 11-12-web 11-11-web 11-10-web

11-9-web 11-8-web 11-7-1-web 11-6-web 11-5-web

11-4-web 11-3-web 11-2-web
11-1-web 10-31-web 10-30-bw-web 10-29-web 10-28-bw-web 10-27-bw-web 10-26-web 10-25-web 10-24-web

10-23-bw-web 10-22-web 10-21-web

october20-bw-web october19-web october18-web october17-bw-web

10-16-web 10-15-web

10-14-web 10-13-bw-web 10-12-web

10-11-web 10-10-bw-web 10-9-bw-web 10-8-web 10-6-web

10-5-web 10-4-bw-web 10-3-web 10-2-bw-web 10-1-web 9-30-web

9-27-web 9-26-web 9-25-web 9-24-web
9-23-web 9-22-web

9-21-web 9-20-web
9-19-web 9-18-web


9-16-bw-web 9-15-web 9-14-web 9-13-web

september25-web september22-web

september12-web september10-bw-web



9.6.web 9.5.web


9.2.web 9.1.web


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8.23.web 8.21.web

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8.5.web 8.3.web



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