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I’m all caught up on work so I finally had time to quickly get these together. They were taken about 3 months ago. Just simple shots of Ausha being Ausha. Nothing too thought out. Just a messy haired toddler wandering around in a field. She wouldn’t get more than 2 feet from me and was mostly holding onto my leg so I wasn’t able to get much. Gotta love a mama’s girl.

A little about her at 21 months: My little wild surprise. She started out so sweet and quiet and has now turned in to our wild child. She’s defiant and independent. She does everything by herself. Everything is “I do it”. She is a huge mama’s girl. Every sentence starts with a mousy little “mommy”. “Mommy, I want wawa”, Mommy I do it”, “Mommy I wanna froo schnack”, “Mommy, mommy mommy”. I love it 🙂 Especially when her high pitched voice cracks. She has a cute little underbite and the most beautiful stare. She is always running up to us quietly mumbling things in Ausha language with this serious face like whatever it is she is saying is really important. Then she runs off. Hysterical! She’s not a morning person. Her nickname is “whiney the poo”. She almost never gets along with her sister, but always wants to do what Mia is doing. She is unbelievably smart. She knows her ABCs, counts to 10 and can sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She looks so much like her Aunt Jessica. She amazes me everyday and we love this little person with all our hearts.

Not exactly what I had in mind. It’s better. 🙂