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This little dude’s smiles are very special to him so he only shared a few with me. His parents and I had to really work for them. If only you could hear the noises and see the ridiculous faces we were making. After a while we figured out that likes toot noises and when you crawl towards him. Both very hard to do while trying to operate a camera correctly.


Happy 1st birthday to beautiful Quinn.

I asked her mom what her interests were and she said she loved books and her “blabla doll”. Both things ended up being really cute for the session. I love that I got a shot of her with her favorite book “Pout Pout” and favorite doll. And her pouty face with her pout book couldn’t have been cuter! 🙂

My niece. She is awesome. She’s the sweetest, quietest, cutest, most chill baby I’ve ever known. And did I mention she is a chunk? She already wears the same size clothes as my girls and weighs about the same. Her nickname is “Tater Vader”. I am so happy I get to be her aunt. I love this baby.