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Miss Haddie has a new little brother. Lucky lady. We had originally planned on doing Haddie’s 2 year photos & Kenzie’s maternity photos in one session, but we ended up rescheduling so many times because of the weather that we ended up with newborn vs maternity. I took these pictures earlier in the day than I normally do (2-3pm). The light was still great though. We had planned on gong to a park but their backyard worked out nicely.

Mallary & Alvin not only have an awesome little boy but they also have an awesome celeb name – “Malvin”. Makes me laugh every time. We met up in December for Ian’s one year shoot and it was no bueno. It was ice cold and Ian wasn’t having it so we had to wait it out for a warm day. The second time he was much much happier and showed me every facial expression he had and even took a few first steps for me too. I’m so glad I was able to capture that. He is also a soon to be big brother. Can’t wait to meet baby Brown #2 . Congrats Malvin.