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Blake + Kelly | Austin Engagement Photographer

These two. They were amazing! I loved their outfits & personalities. We had a great time. We lucked out with the weather. It was nice and warm. It was a tad windy, but I’ll take that over cold any day. Thanks again you two & congrats on your engagement. I tried something different here. Not […]


  • Nancy Wyatt - Beautiful!! Love their outfits too!! Love the new shot! Gorgeous couple. Hugs from Conroe TX

  • Abby Sellers - These are amazing! Love seeing people I know in your pics. You are gorgeous Kel!

  • Megan - These are awesome! You really captured their personalities! Beautiful!

  • Kimber C - Oooh, I love this session, she look s gorgeous and the lighting is just perfect!

  • Kelly - Awesome sauce x 100,000! Thank you so much, Johanna! :)

  • Haley B. - Wow! These are gorgeous!! Beautiful couple! Kelly can rock that red lipstick!! Just beautiful! :)

  • From Mrs. to Mom - I love the new shot! Keep trying different things- it’s working for you. I love their outfits, their love comes through on each shot.

  • johanna - thank you thank you to all of you for the nice comments.

  • Christina - Her dress is AHHmazing! And per usual, so are the photos!

  • johanna - thanks christina!

Nancy + Andy | New Braunfels Couples Photographer

This is THE Nancy Wyatt, my most generous blog commenter and photography fan. She finally talked her hubby in to a session with me. They tied it together with Valentines Day for a nice weekend getaway from Conroe, TX. So glad we were finally able to make it happen. Thanks again Nancy! I thought some love […]


  • Gracie - OHHHHH MYYYYY GODDDDDDDDDDDD! super dupper adorable!!! you did an amazing job with them Johanna!!! Love Nancy’s giggle and smile on all of them!!! XOXO – amiga!

  • Daintee Dietz - Love this couple and these photos really capture how lucky they are to have each other. Special people.

  • NancyW - Oh Johanna!! I love them, you did an awesome job and I’m so excited to be one of those lucky couples to be on your blog. I have so many favorites!! I plan to have a couple printed on canvas and hung in our home!! And of course will be sending out photos to family as well. Thanks again for your talent and friendship. ❤️ Hugs from Conroe, Texas

  • Heather - These turned out GREAT!!! Nancy, love your sweater – looking fantastic as usual :)

  • Christina - Such a sweet couple! Beautiful photos

  • johanna - Thank you everyone. I have no idea why but my blog is making these pics in this particular post look dull for some reason. Grrrrr! On to investigate.

Kristi + Keith | Austin Wedding Photographer

What better way to celebrate your 10 year anniversary then to get into your old wedding attire and have your portraits done. Congrats to you two!


  • Gracie - what a cute idea!!! and she is still smiling so beautifully and in love 10 years later!! how cuteeeee! great job girl!

  • Nancy - What a beautiful couple and idea! Lovely photos too, looks like they were having fun! Hugs from Conroe, TX

  • Brooke - I LOVE these! Stunning, beautiful and SO creative! Great idea!

  • Mallary - I love the 5th pic from the top!

  • Tara - These are great!! I actually found out about you because of Kristi.

Erik + Misha

Meet my husband’s BFF and his soon-to-be awesome wife. They did great during their session. They held all of the 500 two minute long kissing poses I made them do without one complaint. I honestly think they kinda liked it They also put up with me saying “just one more” 6,000 times. Even after they found […]


  • whitney - Gorgeous job! Love those black and whites!

  • Gracie - What actions did you use on these? they are gorgeous!

  • Johanna - Thank you. Gracie I used Retro Camera some from my Mama Mia Set.

  • Gracie - :) Thanks!!! i purchased them this weekend i can’t wait to play with them! hehehehe!

  • Mrs. Mom - I am insanely jealous! These are amazing!! Why couldn’t you do my engagement pictures!! I love the Iphone picture and I like the ones where they are walking toward each other. I just like them all.

  • johanna - Wow thanks!

  • Misha - You did an AMAZING job (which I know is the word I keep using but I can’t think of any others to describe the perfection of your craft!) and we couldn’t be more pleased/thrilled/awed/happy at how these all came out! Thank you so much for the sweet comments in your blog… so nice to have a talented photographer, but even better to have such a wonderful friend :) We absolutely cannot wait for our next sessions, and look forward to displaying the “art” in our home. Hanna Mac photography is THE BEST!!!
    P.S. Fortunately I have yet to show signs of West Nile :p
    and, remind me not to park my car near you any time soon!

  • johanna - I am so glad you like them Misha. Thanks again for choosing me as your photographer. Glad you aren’t going to die!

  • Nancy Wyatt - Gosh these are amazing. Sigh. I still get sad that I didn’t know of you when I had my engagement and wedding photos done. Boo, Pout, Hiss. OK, I’ll straighten up now and get back to the ooogling of your fabulous work and what a gorgeous couple they are! Seriously! Hugs from Conroe, TX

  • spark - Honestly Johanna, your work is just stunning. You have some beautiful subjects to work with of course but your composition is so so lovely and your photos just jump with LIFE!!! Wish I lived nearby or vice versa rather than on the other side of the world so I could beg you to take some photos of my little family. What beautiful photos to treasure for Misha, Erik, their child (and their future generations!!!). You are amazingly talented. LOVE that last photo. How on earth did you find such awesome backgrounds!!! You have inspired me (as usual!)

  • johanna - Thank you so very much for the lovely compliments Spark. :) I truly appreciate it.

  • johanna - Thank you Nancy. Hopefully one day I will get to meet you and take your picture!

  • Tara - You are so talented! What a great session and cute couple.

  • Ali - Johanna – Your photos are gorgeous! Where in Austin do you find the “Butter Half” mural and “Coming Soon” painted arrow?

Andrew + Jessica

We walked for miles in the Texas heat in 20 mph wind with no water. Andrew lugged around what was nearly an entire wardrobe. We forgot to bring the entire bag full of props we were planning to use. We stopped 47 times for Jessica to switch from her high heels to her flip flops and […]


  • Misty - OK. Seriously! These are amazing! Did doing this shoot make you miss photography a lil bit? These beautiful pictures seriously made my heart palpate a little tiny bit because I love them soooo much. I kinda think if you were still shooting I would load up my husband + my 1 year old and drive from Missouri to Texas. Well, that might be extreme, but I could at least make a vaca out of it :)

  • Aunt J - These are just so AMAZING! I cannot thank you enough for everything, LOVE U :)

  • Ashley Manning - So beautiful Johanna! Great pictures! Jessica has already told me 5 times how hot she looks in them, so I know she approves! :)

  • Pam Manzo - <3 'em! Miss you all.

  • Heather - These are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! And yes, what a good lookin’ couple they are too. Just like Madison says, “They are going to have some pretty babies one day”. I have to disagree with your last statement though — I thought “most nights” Jessica is already sleeping??! ;)

  • johanna - thanks!

  • Kersten - Stumbled upon these via Pinterest, and just had to comment on how fabulous they are! Great work!

  • johanna - Thanks Kersten!

  • Pam - Absolutely priceless! Jessica & Andrew, we are so happy for you!! [Your next door neighbors :)]