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While I am really excited about the available template pages, the part I am most excited about is the “photo add on” option. SURPRISE! I took several photographs that you can purchase and add to your book. So for those who are not professional photographers, you can still add some professional photographs to your maternity book.

You can click on the link to the right or on the purple shopping cart above to find the purchase page. Or you can just skip over all of that and click here.

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Having the chance to help others with their creativity is so exciting to me. I truly had so much fun making my books and I am thrilled that others will be able to make one too. May everyone have a happy 10 months!!

~ Mama Mia


Hello belly friends! I thought I should update you all about the progress on the maternity template. I know many of you are anxious to transfer your weekly write ups onto something cuter than a piece of notebook paper.

I am just days away from having it up for purchase. Be sure to check back soon!!! ūüôā


~ Mama Mia

The last page. I love that it looks almost exactly like the last page in Mia’s book¬†— thanks to Heather.

Ausha’s Birth Story¬†

Ausha’s birth was perfect. My contractions started¬†at 8am on Dec. 21, the day before we were scheduled to induce. I was so happy that she was arriving on her own time since I was still a little hesitant about inducing. I went in to the doctor¬†at 11am¬†to get checked and she gave me the choice of going to the hospital to induce right then or waiting it out at home until my contractions got stronger. It was a tough decision to make because she said second babies usually come quicker and there was a big chance that there wouldn’t be time for an epidural. After talking it over we still chose option 2. We waited it out. Our first wait was at Maudie’s Mexican Restaraunt. Ya my contractions were hurting pretty bad but a girl’s still gotta eat! Although I was trying to conceal my pain as best I could, the waitress still figured it out. She asked if I was going to have the baby right there in the restaraunt and gave us the check before we even got our food. After going home for a while to wait some more I decided around¬†4pm¬†that¬†it was time to go in. I did NOT want to miss my chance for getting that epidural!! It wasn’t 45 minutes after we got there that I had jumped from a 3.5 dilation to a 5. Luckily I got the epidural. The anesthesiologist¬†said if I had waited 1 more hour to come in I wouldnt have made it in time for one. Yikes! By¬†7:30pm¬†I was fully dilated and ready to pop that baby out. My doctor was too. She was having her work Christmas party that night so she was needing to make an appearance. But I made her wait. I made everyone wait. My husband, the doctor, the nurses. Everyone. I made them wait so long that they kept coming in and checking me to make sure Ausha wasn’t going to just fall out! I sat there at 10cm for nearly an hour. I was literally not moving a muscle in order to hold her in for as long as possible. Then my husband and I got to laughing and having a good time. I kept telling him to stop making me laugh because I felt like it was going to make my water break. Sure enough, we got to laughing SO hard at something that my water did break! That’s how close she was to coming out. Right when that happened, the nurse walked in and then the reason for why I had been making everyone wait walked in the door — the photographer! lol. (who also happens to be one of bf’s too). That is how important her birth pictures were to me. I wanted her to have the same special memories as Mia did. Minutes later my mom showed up and the doctor came in and after 3 pushes she was here. It was perfect. Everything went how we wanted it to. She arrived on her own time without having to induce or break my water and we got her birth captured on camera.
Thank you Heather for arranging your schedule and busy life to make our daughter’s birth. Thank you for driving in the rain at night like a mad woman for 3 hours. You.are.the.greatest.woman.alive. We love you.¬†