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Not exactly what I had in mind. It’s better. 🙂

Forgive my lack of blog posts lately. I’ve heard that the hardest stage for Irish Twins is when the toddlers are 18 months and  29 months, but for us it is 14 months + 25 months (unless it gets harder? :\ ). And by hard I mean “time consuming”. Monthly personal blog posts might have to be my new thing for now. However you can catch some daily blogging over on my ‘other’ blog MiaDaily.

Here is February. Remember this post from a few weeks ago? If you will notice in the photos below, she is still carrying those babies around.

Lately I have been struggling to find a balance when taking pictures of my children. I don’t mean making sure each girl has the same amount. That is impossible. I mean not taking 100 pictures 1 day and none the next, or 100 pictures of them doing the same thing then not being able to decide between all of those 100. Mothers, you know what I mean. I have finally found something to help me with this issue. It is called “Mia Daily”.  This project will be 1 photo of Mia per day from the ages of 2 to 3. My goal is to capture her just being the curious and playful two year old that she is.

I intend to do this project for Ausha next as soon as she turns 2. For now Ausha’s photos will be here on this blog. Mia’s will be over here. Check it out. Follow along. AND wish me luck! It is so busy here at the McShan house. Between me being back to work, us building a new home, the girls being at very active ages & Matt traveling (plus another project I will share at the end of this year), I really don’t know how the “daily” part of my new project will hold up, but I will try my hardest. So far I have been on track with it and have found that it has not only helped put me in a creative mood everyday but has also made me stop using my iphone for picture taking (hence my lack of instagramming lately, which I actually deleted from my phone).

Here is a sneak peek……




I ran across another blog that did this and thought it was so cute that I had to do it. I’m going to try to continue it once a year until the kids are about 6.

Here is Miss Mia on her second birthday.