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Today was a great day. Mia took her first steps and Ausha turned one week old. After Mia got the hang of it with 5 steps, she moved on to about 12. I’m thinking by this weekend she’ll be running around like a crazy girl! Mia started standing really well on her own while we were in the hospital. I am SO glad she waited until we got home to walk.

We were very lucky to have caught her steps on camera. I have a video as well, but thought I would post this instead. You can sort of tell she’s taking steps.

My one week old.

I got Ausha’s headscarf from Bebesniklefritz. She was nice enough to custom make it for me. Check out her Etsy shop here. Cute stuff!



Meet my second cousin, Mr. Wesson. His mom and I were pregnant at the same time. We were hoping Mia and him would be born on the same day, but he decided to come 4 days after her. Close enough! Since we delivered so close together and live so far apart, neither of us got to see each other’s babies until they were 7 weeks old. Wesson’s solo pics were easy, but the ones of him and Mia together were pretty challenging. We figured they wouldn’t be perfect. As long as we got pictures of them together while they’re tiny, we were happy.

And here is some Double Trouble for you. You see what I was working with? Its a miracle I got what I did.

Untitled from johanna mcshan on Vimeo.

The b&w one above is of Wesson’s big sis and my mom. Its a recreation of a picture my mom took of my brother and Brooklynn’s dad when they were little just chatting in that same kitchen. I love recreating pictures 🙂