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Camryn is one busy little toddler. I’m so glad I was able to capture her big personality and show how much her parents love her. Thanks Samantha & Taylor!


  • Nancy - What a lovely family, love all the photos! I especially love the one of her looking up and smiling as her parents look at her. She is adorable!

  • Samantha - Thank you so much Johanna! I honestly don’t know how you managed to create a single beautiful photo under the circumstances. Bloody nose (4 TIMES…I mean, really?!), a very busy toddler, two very non-photogenic parents, and the windiest day in ATX….you did the impossible!! We’ll see you again in a few months, unless we’ve scared you off! ;-)

  • Gracie - Too cute! i am loving those baby scarves!!! and that bench with the love sign? cant get better than that!

  • Christy - Beautiful!

  • Richelle - Love love love the little girls dress! Can I ask where you purchased it from?

  • johanna - Mommy says “Baby Gap”

  • Chris - Hahaha, caption for the bottom picture, “I don’t know what’s happening, but I sure hope my friends don’t see this.”

    That picture perfectly describes how I feel when parents are in PDA mode.


Sweet & laid back parents with adventurous kids who love climbing trees. They are all still just as natural in front of the camera as last time. Thanks again Kira, Michael, Cal, Carson & Lila. I always enjoy the shots yall give me. Even the out-takes I love — including Carson’s flipped eyelids.


  • Heather - What lens are you using here? I can really tell a difference! =)

  • Nancy - Love how casual these are! What a fun family and gorgeous too! And I love how buttery the DOF is! Thanks for sharing these with us and the outtakes too!! hugs from Conroe, TX

  • johanna - Thanks Nancy. I love the casualness of them too. I’m aiming for more of that with my family photography this year vs all of the posey stuff.

    Heather: 50mm the whole time.

  • gracie - I just bought an 85mm thinking it will better my photography but keep going back to my good ole’ 50mm…its just yummy bokeh all the way!

  • johanna - You know Gracie…..I did that at first too after I bought the 85mm. I kept going back to my 50mm 1.8 bc I liked the focal length better. Sometimes the 85 is too close. But now I find myself going to my 85 quite a bit because its so much sharper. Do you find that your 85 has a sharper focus than your 50 or is it just mine?

  • Gracie - My 85mm is sharper and the light comes in more pretty too! but i do not like how close it is. i usually use that one for my lifestyle shots or when the babies gets cranky towards the end of the session and i get to capture those cute snugly moments with mom or dad. Other than that i use my 50mm 1.8 for everything…but have been stalking my favorite photogs (like you) and they all rave about how creamier the bokeh is on the 1.4…should i do the purchase? do you see the difference? I also have heard a lot of rave about the 35mm 1.4…

  • Deb - SUCH a beautiful family!

Ausha carries BOTH of these babies around ALL DAY & EVERYWHERE she goes. It’s to the point that she won’t even put them down during lunch time. Trying to eat while holding a baby isn’t the easiest thing to do. This is quite adorable.


  • Mrs. Mom - Awww! This image is great! She looks so adorable yet seriously content swinging with her babies :)

  • johanna - thanks mrs. mom :)

  • Lorelei - Awww…I remember my Mom told me I was doing this, too. Well, obviously Ausha’s gonna be a great Mom in…about 20 or 25 years :D
    So cute and adorable…and of course you show your great photography skills again :) LOVE this pic.

    Lorelei from macaronmaedchen.blogspot.com

  • johanna - Thanks Lorelei.

  • Nancy - So sweet!!

  • Cayla - Oh my goodness, that baby doll looks just like the one I had when I was a little girl, and I’ve been searching everywhere to get one like it for my daughter! Do you know where that one came from?

  • johanna - Cayla, It is Carters brand. says “Just one you” on it.