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Life with 2 toddlers while building a house, working from home & starting a new business has proven to be more than I can handle. Who in their right mind does all of that at the same time? I must be crazy. Instead of trying to keep up with it all, I’ve decided to give in. Some things are hold until the Fall. Obviously one of those things is organizing, editing and posting all my personal photos on time. June & July were SO much fun. The highlights were definitely 4th of July and Vegas. We were Vegas Virgins and weren’t sure we were going to like it, (we’re slow paced kinda folks) but we did. We had a little too much fun. The fact that I walked out of a tattoo parlor with a Mike Tyson temp tat on my face might give you an idea of how much fun we had. 😉 For the 4th of July we also celebrated my nephew Hank’s 3rd birthday. I love going to my parents beach house. It’s so relaxing there. Sorry for all the naked kiddo shots, but all of them refuse to wear clothes at “the pineapple house”. Grab and drink and get comfy. There are a ton of pictures. And as usual, they are mainly of the kids. I keep telling myself to take more shots of the adults in my life but these kids are so damn cute they steal the show.

Here is June.

And here is July.


  • Brooke - Precious! I have missed your personal posts! Hopefully I can catch up with y’all soon.

  • Mallary - My favorite is of the girls eating watermelon together, love it!

  • Nancy - These are awesome and no way I can pick a favorite! Love that you know you can’t do it all and it’s OK! Enjoy family time my friend!! Counting down the days till I get to hug ya IRL! Hugs from Conroe, TX

  • Gracie - I agree with Mallary, those watermelon pictures are my favorite and Ausha in the potty with the magazine!!! priceless 😉

Meet the beautiful Sprague family. This was my first time to photograph twins in a couple years. It was fun, busy & a little challenging all at the same time. I don’t know how, but I was able to sneak in some shots in between their playing with sticks. Haha. Boys will be boys! I loved watching Courtney & Mike chase them around. Aren’t Shephard and Sawyer adorable? Their eyes are incredible! Courtney is an amazing photographer. Look at her adorable photos are her boys a few months ago. So cute!

  • Nancy - What an adorable family! Love the photos!

  • Courtney - AMAZING!! You are definitely a photo magician, Johanna! I don’t know how on earth you did it [I was there, and I saw firsthand how these sweet, tiny men behaved that day)!! 🙂 The photos are perfect, and I LOVE them. Thank you for capturing this sweet season for our family! XOXO

  • Eli's Mom - I love the names, Shepard and Sawyer. I bet the parents are Lost fans? 🙂 Anyway, magical images. I love the bokeh and the feel of these. I wish you live closer to me so that I can have you take photos of our family.

  • Mike Sprague - Thanks Johanna! You did an awesome job. Can’t believe you were able to get these pictures when our boys weren’t cooperating.

    (By the way, we’ve never seen an episode of Lost, but we have since heard that those were names of some of the main characters. crazy.)

  • Gracie - Those eyes!!! gorgeous family! my favorite was the one with the kids upside down 🙂 i can related to those parents with boys.

  • Marsha - Love them! these photos came out great! I’m sure it was challenging but you can’t tell by the pics!

My niece. She is awesome. She’s the sweetest, quietest, cutest, most chill baby I’ve ever known. And did I mention she is a chunk? She already wears the same size clothes as my girls and weighs about the same. Her nickname is “Tater Vader”. I am so happy I get to be her aunt. I love this baby.

  • BLair - So precious! She looks just like her gorgeous mom!

  • Gracie - The lighttttt! to die forrrrrrrrrrrr! She is sooo cute and one cute chubbs! remind me of my daughter she is 1 and wears a size 2T already.

  • Deb - Oh my goodness! I love this baby! These pics are amazing…. I don’t know how you do it Johanna, but you do it every time…

  • Aunt Jay - She is the sweetest chill baby ever! Such a snuggle baby. Love the pictures 🙂

  • Brooke - Gasp! Jaw-dropping beautiful! just perfect!

  • Eli's Mom - Awesome images as always but she is so adorable and precious. It makes we want to have another baby (girl preferably) soon. 🙂

  • Nancy - What a doll! Beautiful girl!!! Love your photos and as Gracie said, the light is amazing! You are such a gifted photographer!! Hugs from Conroe, TX

  • Sheakorinne - Do you mind sharing where you got the lacy fabric? I think you used it in another shoot for a tent? It’s so fantastic!!

  • Christina - Just beautiful! I love how you take such seemingly ordinary locations and make them look great!

This little lady has been showered with love now and even before she was born not only by her family but by THE Jessica Alba herself. How lucky is she? Check out the awesome baby shower Miss Alba threw Harper’s mom.

Isn’t she the most beautiful little thing you have ever seen? I love her blonde hair and those pouty lips. Her big sister is also too precious for words. They sure do have some lucky parents.

  • Mallary - I love her lips!

  • Gracie - So lifestyle! i love them…and what a story this mama has! had me sniff sniff reading her story. I am so happy God is blessing her inmensly 🙂

  • Brooke - So beautiful!!! I love the first pic of Chels and Harper!!!

  • Nancy - What a beauty!! Adorable family!! Off to check out the link. Hugs from Conroe, TX

  • Christina - So sweet! Gorgeous pictures, as always 🙂