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I’ve been photographing this little family ever since Jack was born. I am so happy they keep coming back so I can see Jack & Elle grow. They couldn’t be cuter and their parents couldn’t be more awesome. Can’t you tell by the picture of Mark?:)




  • Brooke - Oh my GOSH! What a beautiful and fun family! I LOVE the close shot of the mother smiling at the daughter! And the shot of the dad, is priceless!

  • Deb - OH MY GOODNESS! These are incredible! What a beautiful family – each and every one of them.


  • Nancy - These are all incredible, love your style and how much love comes through them!! They are an adorable family!

These sweet kiddos traveled all the way from Port O’Connor to see me. I was so happy! I love my Port O’Connor people.:)I’ve known Kacie for a while. She is the owner of Toastie’s, the BEST sandwich shop in Austin. Seriously Austinites! I’ve never been excited about a sandwich until I ate one of theirs. Her husband Mikey is a genious chef. Go there now to fill your belly with deliciousness. They blow Thundercloud Subs out of the water!

And now for some cuteness………

  • Christy - These are gorgeous!!

  • Jess Baker - Love these photos! Great job :)

  • Gracie - All i can say is Oh my…..
    I am in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

  • Kati Burnett - These are amazing!

  • Nancy Wyatt - So awesome!! Love every bit of it!!

  • johanna - thanks everyone :)

My favorite month of the year.

It was another busy one for us. We packed up and moved to New Braunfels. We are LOVING it. It’s a beautiful city with tons of awesome things to do. We’ve had a great time exploring so far. I’ve loved driving around aimlessly to see what I find ‘session location’ wise. Bc we were unable to find a home that would do a 6 month lease we were forced into a 2 bedroom loft until Sept. It’s hilarious. Ausha’s crib is in our room & toys and boxes are everywhere. And even though we were nervous about not having a backyard for the girls to run free in, we actually love it here. The girls love roaming the building and the claustrophobia is forcing us to get out of the house daily. Hence all of the park pictures. The girls got to do a lot of vacationing with grandparents too. 3 weekends in a row including 1 at the beach! We almost didn’t know what to do with ourselves. We were able to pack and move smoothly and squeezed in about 4 date nights (first ones in over a year!). I also turned the big 3-0 on the 17th. I celebrated in downtown Houston bar hopping with all of my favorite people. It was a blast! All in all it was a great month.

Here are some April shots from MiaDaily.


  • Brooke - I have SO many favorites!

  • nancy - wow. so much eye candy in this post! love, love, love. I am in awe of the color and the sharpness of your photos. still practicing. thanks for sharing April with us! glad y’all are enjoying the ride! p.s. there is a photographer that i follow that lives out in your new neck of the woods, brown eye girl photography. discovered her via my scrapbooking friends. hugs from conroe, tx

  • Leanne - Those girls of yours are beyond cute. Thank you again for sharing.

  • Eli's Mom - Your daughters are gorgeous as well as all your photos! I wish I can document my son’s life even just half as good as you are. :)

  • Laura - As always, gorgeous! Love love love. Btw I saw this and it made me think of you:

  • johanna - BOUGHT IT! thanks so much for sending that and for thinking of me :) you’re the best.

  • johanna - thanks so much everyone