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It seems like 9 months flew by so quickly for these two. Baby Ethan is the cutest. I’m so lucky I get to see so many babies while they are so new. Could there be a better job?


  • Heather - These are amazing Jo!!! Ethan is such a natural =) It looks like they had the perfect house to photograph in too!

  • Brooke Lowden - I am in LOVE with the kissing pic…he is kissing her and she is kissing baby! What a precious little boy!!!

  • Nancy - Shut the freakin front door! Woman!!! You are so amazing!! These photos are amazing and Ethan is absolutely adorable!! Oh my gosh what a sweet family they make!! Love, Love, Love these! What a little blessing he is huh! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us J!!! Hugs from Conroe, TX

    seriously, gahhh these are awesome!

  • Kati - That is one very adorable baby!

  • Leanne - Precious and perfect. You are soooo talented! Favorite is the one of dad kissing mom, mom kissing baby. So sweet. Thank you for sharing these :)

  • johanna - Thank you!

  • arenda - oh, he’s such a beautiful little baby! love his squishy-looking softness! what beautiful photos you’ve taken of him. i especially like all the mama & baby shots together. :)

  • natalie cooper - these photos feel like a warm hug– the family seems so cozy and new and in awe of each other. love it!

  • Tara - Love this shoot!! Great lighting.

This first picture of Mia shows how March has made us all feel. Exhausted! I can honestly say it was the busiest month of our lives. The hubby started his new job in San Antonio, we sold our home, had a garage sale, found a new place to live and packed the house. All of […]


  • Anonymous - Cute! Do you mind me asking where you got their small chairs from?

  • Nancy - These are awesome and love how cute your Mr. looks with the hair clips, ha! Hope the move goes as smoothly as possible! Thanks for always giving us a look into your life via your amazing photos!

  • Leanne - Those girls!!!!!!!!! Adorable. Beautiful pictures…love them all. As a mom of all boys, those little ones of yours makes me crave some pigtails in this house!

  • johanna - Thanks girls.

    Anonymous – i can’t remember where grandma got those chairs. i think marshall’s? The tag says “Golden Chair, Inc.”

  • Melissa Sanchez - I love how you are capturing their childhood! I need to do that with my babies! I have a 5 yr old, 1 yr old, and almost 6 mo old. my two young ones are 17 months apart and I feel like time is flying by so quickly! I’m always trying to get the “look at me and smile” pictures, but from your work, you’ve inspired me to just hang back and let them do their thing! I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!

  • Lila Smyth - I heart the picture of your babe in the box. So cute.

Ever since the last carnival session I did, I have been dying to do another. I love the vibrant colors and the kids always have so much fun. *Edited these with “retro camera” from my Mama Mia’s Actions Set.


  • Gracie - I love the hat, lollipop and sunglasses ;) so retro-cute!!!

  • Nancy Wyatt - These are awesome!

  • Heather - These are SO flippin’ good =)

  • Nisha - your photography is MIND BLOWING!!!!!

  • Johanna McShan - thanks so much everyone.

Forgive my lack of blog posts lately. I’ve heard that the hardest stage for Irish Twins is when the toddlers are 18 months and  29 months, but for us it is 14 months + 25 months (unless it gets harder? :\ ). And by hard I mean “time consuming”. Monthly personal blog posts might have […]


  • Jas - These are gorgeous, as usual. Looks like Ausha’s hair is getting lighter! I wish I’ll have half your talent when I have kids!

  • Carla - What kind is that doll with the pink shoes and brown, fabric hair? I love the hair! Your girls are adorable.

  • johanna - Thanks Jas!

  • Nancy - Busy mama, we will take your blog posts whenever you want to share. I’m sure like your other followers we will be patient. These photos are amazing and Ausha is such a doll like her big sis. She looks freakin adorable in those heart shades!!

    I am wow’d and amazed at the panning shot you got too!! wow! On a side note..do you go to the Antiqueweekend.com event between RoundTop and Warrenton? It’s coming up in 22 days and my friend from Georgetown and I meet up there for a day. Would be so awesome if you could join us! Hugs from Conroe, TX

  • johanna - It is Carters brand. says “Just one you” on it

  • johanna - Nancy that sounds so fun!! I SO wish I could but I am most likely going to Conroe that weekend for Misha’s & Erik’s newborn session.

  • Laura - Absolutely gorgeous! Love the ones of the girls together.

  • Haley B. - Your girls just too cute! :) Really enjoy watching them grow!

  • johanna - Thanks so much everyone for these comments!

  • Gracie - Ausha i such great inspiration! She can do it all with 3 babies, even playtime! :}

  • jenn3250 - Those girls are going to be heart breakers! By the looks of your pictures Aisha seems to be your wild child :) in regards to the comment about antique week, if you ever get the chance you should go. Its awesome! Its held in spring and fall.

  • jenn3250 - *ausha …dang auto correct

  • Jessi - That panning shot is really cool. How did you do that? Are those your arms? How/ where did you place the camera? Really neat!

  • johanna - Thank you Jessi. Yes those are my arms. I wrapped the camera strap around my neck twice and it sat tightly under my neck. I set it on a timer.

  • johanna - Ausha is definitely the wild one. Mia is cautious. I foresee Ausha being the one sneaking out of the house in high school and Mia tattling on her. :)

    I SO wish I could go and actually really need to also. Maybe next year!

  • lu - i love your photos!