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Here is the end of our “Ordinary Day”. I chose “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” for the song because that is what we sing to the girls every single night right before they lie down. They know that when they hear that song, its bedtime. {That is what Mia is dancing to in her crib in […]


  • Olivia - I absolutely LOVE your videos. Beautifully done!

  • Mallary - It already made me cry if it makes you feel any better! So sweet, so glad you captured these beautiful moments. Plus it shows you how much of a team you and Matt are – love it.

  • Kerry - what a beautiful video! I love the last shots of them sleeping! So sweet!

  • Tara B - That made me cry!!! So sweet and such awesome memories to have forever. :)

  • Tiffany - Heart Melting! Who is this song by? So sweet!

  • johanna - THanks. Song is by Lisa Loeb.

  • nancy wyatt - This is so precious and the graininess is perfect for something like this, I think! This made me cry, love, love, love it! Hugs from Conroe, TX

  • johanna - Turns out it was only grainy on web screen :)

Just an Ordinary Day

Oh how Friday nights have changed. The only thing I ask is that you disregard my mangey mane. lol. I would say it normally does not look like that, but why lie? At least it doesn’t have spaghetti in it this time. Must-get-to-the-salon!


  • Kellie - This video is so beautiful! I am on a mission to take more family video this summer with my Canon 7d. Can I ask what camera and lens you used for this gorgeous keepsake? Did you edit in IMovie? Thanks for any information you’d like to share! I love your work :)
    - Kellie

  • johanna - Thank you Kellie. I used my D90 with my 85mm 1.4 lens. Edited in iMovie.

  • Liz - I LOVE looking at pictures of your beautiful girls, but I especially love the videos you make! One of my favorite parts are the adorable songs that you use. I looked up this one to see that it was by Emilie Mover, but I can’t always find the songs you use (like the “you gotta crawl before you walk” one. I was wondering who are these wonderful singers you get such great songs from??

  • johanna - Thank you Liz. Yes, this song is by Emile Mover and “You Gotta Crawl” is by Edie Sedgwick & A.K.. THe album is called “Songs for Isadora”.

    It is really hard to think of a good song for videos, so what I normally do is make my video fit the song. For instance, when I hear a song on t.v. that I think would be good for a video, I write it down on my “Video Song List” and then think of what kind of video would fit the song well.

  • Lena - just love all your videos! you should do a tutorial! what version of iMovie do you have (is it the latest version from iLife ’11)?

  • Chris (wonderchris) - “Now walk”….lol!!

    What a great video. Looks like such a perfect Friday night…a whole lotta love and good times had by all!!

  • johanna - Thanks. That’s a good idea! Maybe I will. I only have imovie ’09. BOO!

  • Lesley - I’m inspired. I just came across your blog via pinterest, and I think I’ll start working on a short little video of my little guy tonight! :)

  • johanna - Oh that is great Lesley! I’d love to see it when it is done.