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Because our girls’ birthdays are so close together and we live 3 hours away from all of our family and 80% of our friends, we decided to be nice to everyone (and ourselves) and only have 1 joined party vs 2 separates. That way everyone only had to drive to our house once. We are so glad we did it this way! It was awesome. Even though it’s Winter, I went with a farm theme anyway. I’m afraid I’m plum out of Winter theme birthday party ideas. ;P I went a little overboard with the decorating as always. We have a lot of country style decor in our house already, so it worked well doing the farm theme. My mom and I made some ugly but delicious farm animal cake balls, I drew up some cute little animals character bag tags (that I completely forgot to hand out…..ugh), made a “picture you stick your head through thingy”, rented a pony and had a pinata. All of the kids had a blast!

The adults had fun too. So much that we kept the party going until after the kids went to bed.

  • Tiffany @ BabyList - So fun! Such great pictures!

  • Blair - Super fun party! Wish we could have stayed for the adult party :-). I think nancy ode that pony at least 6 times!

  • Nancy - What a great party! I think the cake ball animals were cute!!! Great job on all the homemade party stuff!! Hugs from Conroe, TX

  • Cindy - Oh my goodness, all of the pictures were precious. Looks like it was an extra fun birthday for the girls!

  • Aunt Jay - You did such a great job. Everyone had so much fun! I’m really glad Aub’s boot made it into your pictures 😉 LOVE YOU!

  • Heather - QUIT saying those cakeballs were ugly!!! You’re crazy – they were ADORABLE (+ yummy)

  • johanna - Yes mam Heather!

  • Dawn Ritchie - That party looks so fun! I loooove the painted pony!

  • Leanne - FABULOUS!!!!!! Totally love every thing you did. I’m in awe. I live on a farm…with three boys. WISH I had some cutey little girls around to dress up. Thank you for inspiring all of us! And Happy birthday to your sweet little girls.

  • johanna - Thank you so much Leanne! You should definitely throw a farm party!

She’s back and looking just as gorgeous and in love as she did in her last session, but in a whole new way.

  • Natalie - This is the most beautiful maternity pic I’ve ever seen! I can’t get over it!

  • Stephanie O'Connor - your talent alone can make people have babies! i hope to have half the beauty captured during my pregnancy.

  • Anna - Wow. This turned out great! So beautiful!

  • Aunt Jay - Beautiful

  • Jayna - Beautiful Momma! And Gorgeous light!

  • Kati Burnett - He is perfect!

  • Mal - Eeee! I love & can’t wait to see the rest!

  • Gahgee - That’s my sweet little man…..awesome pic!!

  • Beau - That’s a hansome little rascal!!

  • Kaci B. - Perfection. Can’t wait to see what else you captured!

  • Christina - I love this picture! I can’t wait to see more!

  • Anonymous - He is a sweet heart, can’t wait to see the other pictures.

  • Nay Nay - Perfection! Can’t wait to see the rest!!

I thought I’d share the fun drawing I did on the chalkboard for our entry.


  • Elizabeth Sands - I’ve been following your blog/life/girls for a while (thanks Pinterest! ) and this picture of your girls is by far one of my favorites. They look perfect!

  • Haley B - I know it wears on you, but the Irish twin bond is something so cool to share with your sibling! Even at 24, I love blowing people’s mind when I tell them me & my brother are the same age for 10 days, lol. He’ll be 24 on the 27th, always look forward to those few days we share together! Wishing your family a Merry Christmas & a Happy 2013! :)

  • Johanna - Ya Haley it’s slightly hard but mostly regarding and fun. I’m sure my girls will love being the same age too.

    Thanks Elizabeth!

  • andee - you make having two one year olds look so beautiful.

  • Tara - I love your sign!!!!

  • Amanda Keeys - Haha that sign is great! :)