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Ausha took her real first steps 3 weeks ago. It was 4 steps and she didn’t try again until tonight. This time she kept going and going but only if she knew I was there behind her. Slow, robot style & a little sideways (maybe due to that full diaper?), but she’s still going!




  • Mrs. Mom - These are amazing! I love how vibrant the colors are. And the poses/phot compostition is awesome.

  • johanna - Thank you Mom! Lovely critique :)

  • NANCY - These are amazing! Ditto to all your mama said! Love gazing at your beautiful work and all your gorgeous clients! Hugs from Conroe, TX

  • Blair Hiett - I agree! She did a great job….and we weren’t the easiest clients….my boys were in bad moods and uncooperative most of the time. Johanna still brought out the best in us though :-)

  • johanna - thanks blair

  • Lauren - LOVE the colors and this family is adorable!!! Great job Johanna!!! <3

    Where is the little girls dress from? LE needs one. :)


  • Blair Hiett - dress is from Old Navy!

  • Tara - So happy to see you back in action!!! Love the bright colors too.

Because there are so many pictures, I’ll try to keep the words to a minimum. A grumpy morning and a curious evening…… A very grown up looking Mia. I straightened her hair one day just for fun. This first shot is with my iphone. Cousin Brooklynn’s birthday party. Hubby’s 1/2 Ironman. I still don’t see […]


  • Nancy Wyatt - These are so awesome!! Love, Love, Love this kind of family time! Hugs from Conroe, TX

    p.s. You are such an inspiration! I am having so much fun taking photos of my family when we get together! I got a Canon 5D Mark II for my birthday this past summer! A friend of mine asked me to take photos of her while she was expecting. It was fun yet so scary, ha! Over all the photos turned out well, well…to our untrained eyes. LOL I posted a slide show on my blog :) I’m cursious if you would mind giving me a tip. I love to shoot wide and I find that when I have more than one person in my shot that only the person that I focus on (usually the one closest to me) comes out sharp. And even if they are all on the same plane(?) of focus. any tips? Thanks!!

  • Jas - Great pictures as always! What kind of sling is that? It looks super comfortable and “womb-like”

  • johanna - The only thing I heard her say about it is that it is mesh and perhaps even waterproof? I remember she took her son swimming in it once.

  • johanna - Thanks Nancy. I saw those maternity pictures on your instagram. They look great! I will look at them on your blog. To answer your question: Its nearly impossible to get more than one person in focus when you shoot wide open. When I have two people on the same plane I do one of two things: I set my aperture to about 2.5 so both are in focus or if I want to shoot wide open and get both in focus, I hold the camera really steady and focus on one person, take the picture and then focus on the other person and take the same shot, then photoshop them together in photoshop. Its work but always turns out nice.

  • Nancy - Thank YOU so much!

  • Aunt Jay - That was the BEST Thanksgiving I have ever had.

  • johanna - I’m so glad yall came! You have to come every year now. (when you arent in PA)

I’ve photographed this family of 5 twice now and have loved both sessions so much. Brooke & Coy happen to have the hook up on the perfect photography locations. Their last session was in Coy’s parents’ neighborhood. This beautiful location is Hunter Chase Farms in Wimberley. It was perfect and they were nice enough to let […]


  • Mallary - LOVE! These are so good!

  • Nancy Wyatt - Shut up! WOW, WOW, WOW, this family is absolutely stunning! What amazing photos you got of them! Love, Love, Love! Seriously you amaze me! Gahhhhhh Hugs from Conroe, TX

    seriousy! love…….

  • Heather - What a BEAUTIFUL family and GORRRRRG photos!!!! ;)

  • Dawn - I’ve been following your blog for at least a year now and love every picture you post. These family photos are the most beautiful family pictures I have ever seen. You are so gifted! Thank you for sharing these!

  • johanna - Thank you so much everyone. Dawn, that is a nice thing to say. I appreciate that.

  • Tiffany @ BabyList - What a fun shoot! These are amazing pictures!

  • Kaci - This is breathtaking! Your artistry in this entire shoot leaves me speechless. My favorite of yours to date. :) Beautiful family too!

  • Brooke Lowden - THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You have such an amazing gift. We will cherish these beautiful photos forever. LOVE!

  • Brittany - Wow! So gorgeous! I want you to do my lil family sometime!

  • Deb - AWESOME!

  • Lindsay M - Brooke- These are amazing! I would cherish them forever too! Your entire family is just gorgeous. Please tell me you are getting tons of canvases to put all over your walls!!

  • Lindsey - Which of your actions did you use for this session? Love them!

  • spark - What a beautiful family to photograph! Your composition is amazing. I am in awe of the clarity and focus of your shots. I really wished I lived on your side of the world. I would BEG you to take photos of my little family :)

  • johanna - Thanks Spark!

  • johanna - Lindsey, I use a tad bit of Retro Camera and a little Contrast

  • Jayna Love - Absolutely, positively breathtaking.