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Chalkboard Baby Book Template


A fun and funky chalkboard template perfect for your baby’s first year album. All of the titles are hand drawn by yours truly. Available in JPG (no design program needed) or PSD Format 

$35 – JPG FORMAT  

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No refunds. Template may not be compatible with iPADs or similar devices.


Q:What am I buying?
A: You are buying a template, NOT a pre-made book. The template page/pages is a page with a monthly title like you see in Mia’s baby book. If you buy the JPG format, you will upload the tempalte pages into an online program where you can enter your own paragraph text (not titles) and insert your own photos. If you purchase the PSD format, you can add your own text, change the title color and insert your own photos.
Q: What formats do you offer your templates in?
A: JPG and PSD (Photoshop)
Q: What versions of photoshop are the templates compatible with?
A: All CS versions of Photoshop and all versions of Elements.
Q: Do I need photoshop in order to use your templates?
A: No. I offer JPG formatted templates that can be uploaded to non-professional printing companies (like Shutterfly for example).
Q: What is the difference between the 2 formats? How do I know which one I should order?
A: Read about each format below to see what each comes with and what you can and cannot do with each format.
JPG FORMAT  – Created for those who do NOT own photoshop. You receive square pages that have the titles pre-designed on them that you will upload to a photo book company of your choice. From there you will add your own text onto the pages through their editing program. 


  • Page templates for months 1-12 + one page reading “newborn” for the title.
  • 1 solid chalkboard page to use as an intro page
  • 21 different colors options for each month’s page title (see example below)
  • Page templates made for 10×10 squared size books and smaller. All templates are 10×10 in size, which means they can be reduced in size using any online photo book design program.

Do NOT Include:

  • Photos. Those are added by you of course. Unless you want pictures of my baby 😉
  • Paragraph text/font. The font you see used for the paragraphs in my baby book example are hand written by me directly on the chalkboard. You must choose your own font for your paragraph.
  • Instructions showing how to upload your template into online photo book design software

PSD FORMAT – Created for those who OWN photoshop and want the ability to choose their own colors for the title pages.


  • 1 10×10 template file fully layered with a chalkboard page background and titles for months 1-12 + a title reading “newborn” that are adjustable in color
  • Basic instructions for how to change the color of your title without losing the integrity of the title’s quality
  • Endless color options for each month’s page title
  • Page templates are 10×10 in size. They can be reduced to use with any square shaped book smaller than 10×10.

Do NOT Include:

  • Photos. Those are added by you of course. Unless you want pictures of my baby 😉
  • Paragraph text/font. The font you see used for the paragraphs in my baby book example are hand written by me directly on the chalkboard. You must choose your own font for your paragraph.
  • Instructions showing how to upload your template into online photo book design software
Q: What are the color choices for titles?


  • Brittany - Is this $50 just the templete? or is it for the actual book to be printed after someone adds their words and pictures?

  • johanna - Yes it is just for the template.

  • Deanna - Where can I get the book printed if I get the template? What if I wanted that was 1 Year, 2 Year, etc. could you do a custom template?

  • johanna - i might have a 1-5 year album ready soon. be sure to check back.

  • Monique Lee - Who do you recommend for printing? Could I send to a place like Walgreens?

  • johanna - No, my templates are not made to be printed through Walgreens. They are meant to be printed with companies that offer online photo book design programs, like Shutterfly has for example. The company I recommend is similar to Shutterfly but better. That information is only given to those who have purchased a template.


  • Catlin - On the top it says to click here to learn what comes with the format choices, but there is nothing for me to click! I really want to purchase this but am not totally sure how it works.

  • johanna - That’s weird. The link works for me. Here is the direct URL you can go to. If it does not show anything for you then it might be an issue with your computer? Sorry if so.

  • Catlin - That worked, thank you. Also, do you tell us which company you used to process the book when we purchase?

  • johanna - Yes just sen me an email upon purchase

  • Erin - If I purchase these templates, how soon will I get them?

  • johanna - It is instant download.

  • Fabiola - Hi, i was wondering with this chalkboard template, am i just buying the layout for a book, or am i purchasing the book as well as the layout that you show? i just add the pictures and what i want it to say? i am kind of confused on this.
    Thank you!

  • johanna - You are buying the layout. You add your own photos and type your own words. The titles are only included on the chalkboard background page.

  • Beth - Hi, I was wondering if the template for photoshop works for elements 10?


  • Constance - Just wondering where you purchased your photo books from?

  • Jenna - Oh dang it, I missed the black Friday sale, will the templates go on sale again?

  • Courtney - Hi! I love this template, but I’m totally tech clueless! If I buy the template, do I need a special program to create the actual pages, or do I just upload to the photo book website and then do all the work there? Thanks for the info!

  • johanna - Courtney, you do not need a special program. Just purchase the JPG format and upload to Shutterfly or a similar program.

  • Jennifer - hi! I fell in love with this book template and bought it just a few minutes ago. I was able to download all the months with no problem, all but the newborn download. Can you please P.M. me to help with my download? I can’t wait to start this book for my baby girl! Thanks so much! 🙂

  • johanna - Jennifer I just sent you a link to redownload it. I sent it to your account.

  • abc - This website is great. I like it.( 557697cbc43deb8fbe920e52b5c6e94e

  • Kristen - How do I add in the details of each month to the chalkboard pages if this is a jpg file? Thx!!

  • johanna - Please see Q&A section in the link below for all questions.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Kelly MacLaren - Hello !! I just purchased the month to month template but I cannot open the newborn folder !! Can you please help!!

  • Amy - How big is this template and what size book would I need to order?



  • Melissa - Hi, I just purchased this template under mburzynski06 (maiden name) how can I go back to see the templates. I’m on an iPad so I’m not sure if I’m missing anything. Can I be redirected back to where I can download?

    Thank you.

  • johanna - Melissa, the templates are sent to the email address you use with your paypal account. Also, my templates may not be compatible with ipads. Please look on your computer.

  • Christy Mraz - Hi, Is the template only for one-use, or could I use it to make two different books? Thanks!

  • johanna - you can use it for two different books Christy.

  • Deepti - Hi Johanna, once I buy the template how big a book can I print?


  • johanna - 10×10

  • teri - will these work with picaboo?

  • Gabrielle - Hi!
    I was wondering if it was possible to buy this exact same template in the JPG format but in french? I was looking for that kind of fabulous baby book that I could complete and I felt in love with your work. Unfortunately, there is nothing like yours (in that high quality) in French…. And of course I could users in this original version but I would like it totally in my native language if it’s possible.
    Thank you very much!!!

  • Sandra - I just love the simplicity of the templates !- I’m wondering if I could add more chalkboard pages in each month, or this is set for one board per page/photo image, and has the set number of pages in total already. Thanks.

  • johanna - Sandra, there is a blank chalkboard page you can use over and over and add your own words.

  • Kourtney - When a month is complete, is there a way to “copy” that one section to post on Facebook? I wanted to post a monthly update, and thought this was just perfect!

  • johanna - Yes if you have a screenshot program you can take a picture of it on your computer screen, save as JPG then upload to FB.

  • Michelle - Is it possible to upload more than one picture to a page? I like the idea of doing a collage of different pictures every month?

  • johanna - Yes Michelle. You can add more than one.

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