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Mama’s Maternity Book / WEEK 29

Here is the first half of baby “Shhh’s” maternity book. Week 29 is new. It’s at the bottom.

  • Brandy DeLaCruz - So cute!! I will say she will look like Mia. =} Just as beautiful.

  • Autumn - I absolutely love this chronicle of your pregnancy! It’s so artistic and beautiful — I’m inspired! What kind of camera do you shoot with? You’re incredibly talented. 🙂

  • johanna - Thanks Autumn. I use a Nikon D90.

  • Natalie - OMG I love your books! Just absolutely love them! I’m just wondering, do you use a service like shutterfly or how do you get them bound and how do you make one page run onto the other. If that didn’t make sense then I mean like how do you get text and background color larger than one page. I’m so very curious I’d love to do a book like this for my wedding or puppy and someday children and pregnancy! You are so very talented! These are amazing and have beautiful colors!!!!


  • johanna - Hey Natalie. I use a service that only prints for professional photographers. Unfortunately I think those are the only companies that can print a picture across the center of the book. I know shutterfly can’t do it.

  • Kelli - This is a lovely memory your creating for your little girl. I am a mother to six amazing blessings and my first two are 11 months apart. You will love how they grow together. Your right in saying that it will be like raising twins. It is. The bonus is that they bond like twins do to. Enjoy! Enjoy!

  • Christina - allows you print a picture across the center of the book. :o)

  • johanna - Christina they do offer that but for my book, you have to be able to print two photos across the bleed, which they don’t offer.

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