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I ran across another blog that did this and thought it was so cute that I had to do it. I’m going to try to continue it once a year until the kids are about 6.

Here is Miss Mia on her second birthday.


Trick or treating didn’t last long for us, but it was fun. It was Mia’s first attempt at actual trick or treating. My little storm cloud was a pro. She even welcomed herself into our neighbor’s home and everything and she only rained a few drops. And just to be clear….I don’t have an actual black eye. My costume was a black-eyed pea.

If you watch this, you should click on “vimeo” in the lower right hand corner to watch it larger. Forgive the graininess. I’ve terrible at figuring out which settings my videos should be saved on.

Here is the end of our “Ordinary Day”. I chose “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” for the song because that is what we sing to the girls every single night right before they lie down. They know that when they hear that song, its bedtime. {That is what Mia is dancing to in her crib in the video}. This video really means a lot to me. Just in the little time I’ve been a Mom, I already see how easy it is to forget little things about your child from only 3 months back. Videos like this will help me remember a lot of those tiny details. Like how Ausha hates having her diaper changed right now and loves to play with the door stopper. How Mia helps to feed her little sister (we didn’t tell her to do that either BTW. Totally voluntary), has to brush her teeth all by herself and sways to the sound of music. I know that when I watch this in a few years I’ll cry 🙁 Maybe even sooner than that!?

Sorry about the graininess. I haven’t read up on how to ‘video’ in low light situations.

Oh how Friday nights have changed.

The only thing I ask is that you disregard my mangey mane. lol. I would say it normally does not look like that, but why lie? At least it doesn’t have spaghetti in it this time. 😉 Must-get-to-the-salon!