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  • Ally Stone - hi! I love your blog! your pictures are amazing! how did you get started with your business?

  • johanna - Thanks Ally. I taught myself. I started out doing it on the side by charging $40 a session then slowly worked my way up until I could go full time.

  • - i love all your pictures. can i ask what kind of camera you shoot with and what photoshop. these are the best pic ever

  • johanna - Well thank you! I use a Nikon D90 and I use Photoshop CS3 with my actions. You can view them in my shop.

  • kerry - oh my goodness, this is an amazing picture!

  • Abel Amandy - Hi, Your pictures are really amazing! DO you have any online tutorial? Thanks.

  • fernanda souza - sao lindas as suas fotos…
    eu nao vi crianças negras em seu blog…
    pq nao tirar delas???

  • Joanna - Your work is awesome! Do you use one lens or do you have several for different shoots? Also could you post a before and after shot following photoshop editing?
    Thanks very much!

  • Sarah Foss - Your work is beautiful! You do an absolute amazing job. I am just in that process of changing my rates from $30-$50 a session to a bit more! It’s so wonderful to hear about the beginnings of a business as well as where they are at now. Such an inspiration, thanks for sharing!

  • johanna - Thank you so much Sarah! Keep working hard and you will be where you want to be before you know it.

  • Rosalyn - Wow!! You are an amazing photographer! I am in love with your work and the use of outdoor lighting. I just found your blog today and am totally blown away. I am looking forward to seeing your work. You inspire me to pursue my passion for photography.

  • Parenting Today - You are an amazing photographer. Found you through the maternity book pin on Pinterest 🙂

  • johanna - thank you so much Irishka!

  • Saleha - Aaahhhhhmaazinggggg your work is superb…which lens do you use…could you please specify thankyou

  • Mamatha - Awesome Photography! Loved all of your pictures, they are stunning.

  • johanna - thank you so much mamatha

  • stasey - i love your style so much especially the ones where you us numbers. i am doing ‘number’ for my project and i was wondering why did you use numbers at the start?

  • johanna - What do you mean “numbers”? Which photo are you referring to?

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  • chinmay - can u please send me all those pics? plz..if you can

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